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Take a Hike with Your Dog on National Take a Hike Day!

November 17 is National Take a Hike Day, sponsored by the American Hiking Society. 

Every year on November 17, the American Hiking Society promotes the benefits of venturing into the great outdoors, and even better, you can do it with your dog!

If you already enjoy hiking with your dog, or are planning to start, it's important to make sure your dog receives proper nutrition to handle this type of physical activity. Veterinarian Jennifer Deming, DVM, provides helpful information on the Zuke's website. Dr. Deming recommends making sure your hiking dog gets:

  • A diet with a high fat content, which generally is not suitable for regular dogs but is necessary for dogs who engage in high performance activities like hiking and backpacking.
  • An appropriate level of calories. On average the calories needed for a dog engaging on an endurance type activity is 0.8 calorie per pound per mile traveled. 
  • Electrolyte Replenishment is just as important for canine athletes as it is for human athletes.
  • Water is vital for a dog engaging in endurance activities. Make sure the water you use is safe for dogs if you run out of water on the trail.

Read more about Dr. Deming's tips on the Zuke's website.

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