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Car Travel Tips for National Pet Safety Day

January 2 is National Pet Safety Day, created to promote car travel safety with your pets.

National Pet Safety Day, which occurs every year on January 2, promotes car travel safety for our pets. Some important tips to remember when traveling this holiday season with your dogs via automobile:

  • Consider a barrier to keep your pets from climbing into the front seat, which can lead to injuries for them if the car stops too quickly, as well as can be a hazard for your driving.

  • Harnesses or pet seat belts are an option to keep your pets secure. The Barkbuckleup website reports that a 60 pound dog can turn into a 2700 pound projectile traveling at 35 mph in an accident, which can lead to serious injuries to both the dog and the people in the front seat.

  • Crates are also a great option for keeping your dog safe and secure in the car.

  • Make sure your dog has ID tags on their collar and the information is up to date. In case of an automobile accident, dogs can become frightened and run off and proper ID can help to reunite you with your dog in this situation. Bringing a recent photo with you is a good idea as well.
For more information visit the National Pet Safety Day website.

Photo credit: Main Car Alarm System via photopin (license)


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