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Cold Weather Tips for Dog Care

Winter weather, just like hot summer weather, can present health hazards for dogs. 

If you live in an area where temperatures drop during the winter months, it's important to be aware of dangers to dogs from the colder weather. The American Veterinary Medical Association provides some tips on what to watch for this winter:

Has your dog had a recent veterinary checkup? Older dogs with arthritis and with other medical conditions may feel an increase in symptoms during the colder weather. 

Be aware of your dog's limitations. Every dog is an individual and it's important to know your dog's own tolerance for walks in the cold. You may need to shorten walks and exercise time outside if your dog is overdoing and has medical conditions, or has a shorter coat and may feel the effects of the cold quicker than a dog with a heavier coat.

Watch your dog's paws. A dog's paws need extra care if they will be walking through snow and on ice. Other dangers in the winter as well that can affect a dog's feet are substances poured on icy roads to help them melt. Another winter danger for dogs that is poisonous is anti-freeze, which dogs can ingest by licking it off their feet and coat.

For other informative winter care tips, visit the AVMA website.

Photo credit: Husky Hazing via photopin (license)


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