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Amendments to Rules and Policy Statements

New rules provide more options for competitors.

USDAA has completed a review and discussion of topics for amendment and/or change in policy. Our thanks to the members of the USDAA Advisory Committee who provided careful review, comments, and thoughtful discussions regarding the following: 

  • Specialty Classes that permit training at local events
  • Transfer between Championship, Performance, and Veterans programs when a dog measures up at an event
Miscellaneous Classes
We are pleased to release regulations clarifying and setting forth criteria for approval of miscellaneous classes that permit training in the ring in connection with a local licensed event offering titling and/or tournament classes. These regulations take advantage of existing rules that permit the hosting of nonstandard, non-titling classes, subject to written approval of USDAA. When conditions set forth in the new regulations are met, groups can expect a specialty class will be approved.

Measuring Up Options for Competitors
We are pleased to announce the revision of our policy statement on interpretation of rules set forth in Appendix D in the regulations. Previously, a dog was not permitted to switch between programs when a dog measured up in the measuring process prior to start of the event.  The new statement sets forth procedural options that are available to a competitor if they are measured up at an event, thus permitting moving from Championship to Performance, or Performance to Veterans, if otherwise eligible.
Both documents are located in the Rules and Regulations page under Rules Amendments.


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