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The Story of a Boy and His Service Dog

A heartwarming story of the bond between a young boy with autism and his faithful service dog.

To close out the week we present a story about the emotional benefits that a service dog can have on a child (or an adult!) The story of a young New Zealand boy with autism and his service dog Mahe has gone viral on the internet this week.

James Isaac, who is nine-years old, goes everywhere with his three-year old black Labrador Retriever Mahe. Having the dog as a constant companion has given James more chances to explore the outside world and interact with other people, which he had great difficulty with before Mahe came into his life.

Recently, James had to stay at the local hospital for some tests to determine why he was experiencing seizures. This is no doubt a scary experience for any child of his age. According to the hospital staff, Mahe did not want to leave James' side, and jumped onto the bed, and comforted the child during the procedure, even during the administration of anesthesia, and stayed with him in the bed during the post-MRI recovery period.

To read more on this uplifting story of James and Mahe, visit this page


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