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Dallas Rules & Course Design Clinic a Huge Success

New judges and current judges advance in level.

With over twenty attendees, this past weekend's clinic was one of the largest ever.  There were current judges attending for continuing education purposes, current judges attending to test into the Masters level and new folks to judging who wished to be added to the ranks of the USDAA judging corps.

Saturday was sunny and warm, but breezy - so breezy that the collapsed tunnel had to be replaced with a pipe tunnel.  Over twenty dogs provided course runs for those testing to practice their calls and judging path in preparation for their test on Sunday.  Thanks to the local folks who came out in support of the clinic.

Sunday was partly cloudy, a little cooler, but still breezy.  With a local agility trial for another venue and a training seminar in the area only nine dogs were available for the twelve people testing on Sunday - with about 3 runs per judge that's a bunch of runs per dog.! A great big thank you to CCS for use of the facility and to Chuck/Gun, Charlene/Piper, Merlene/GQ, W/Mia, Charles/Zulu, Christi/Twist, Heather/Strait & Dusty, and attendee Sylvia Martinez/Star for providing their wonderful dogs and providing great runs.

Congrats to our new judges (to be named shortly) and to those testing into Masters.


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