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IFCS 2016 Team Member Profile: Chris Tucci

A profile of Team Member Chris Tucci and his dog Bratska

We will be featuring regular profiles of all of the IFCS 2016 Team Members. Today we feature Chris Tucci and his dog Bratska

Where do you live? Naples, FL

How did you first get involved with agility? I got a Border Collie and wanted something to do with her to keep her busy.

What made you decide to compete? My amazing instructor (not my wife) convinced me to compete

Tell us more about the dog(s) you will be competing with as an IFCS Team Member? My dog Bratska does agility solely for me. She is a born herding dog though she never gets a chance to do any herding except for our chickens.  

Does your dog have any quirks or unique habits that you loved to share? She has a crate full of stuffed animals she has had for years and never ruins them.

Are there any challenges you have faced with your dog that you'd be willing to share and how you both overcame the challenge and achieved success? I am lucky to have had a pretty easy time with Bratksa. I always call her my perfect dog. I have plenty of other dogs that have their challenges.  

Do you have other dogs/pets aside from your IFCS dog? Tell us more about them: My wife and I have lots of dogs, a pet pig and a bunch of pet chickens.  

Describe for us what you do in your "other" non-agility life, work life? If retired, what did you do before? I am fortunate that agility is the main focus of my life. I am an agility instructor for my full time job. I also enjoy caring for all the animals at our house.

How does it feel to be on the IFCS Team this year? It feels amazing to be able to represent my country at IFCS.  

What are you looking forward to the most at the World Agility Championship event in The Netherlands this April? To experience The Netherlands and to compete with my dog, who is my best companion.  

Do you do anything special to prepare yourself for a big competition? Daily, I try to keep myself in the good physical condition. I do very little agility training with Bratska but the week or two before I will do some course work to fine tune my timing with her. The minutes before a big competition run I really focus on the course I am about to run. As I walk in the ring I remind myself how fortunate I am to be there and that my dog knows agility as pure fun, no matter what the outcome of our run.

People who enjoy agility with their dogs are often intimidated by the idea of competition. What advice would you give them to encourage them to take the plunge? Go have fun with your dog!


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