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Getting Revved for Title Mania

Be sure you understand the basics of Title Mania®.

Title Mania is a four-day competition designed to recognize the best dog/handler teams in North America based on versatility, consistency and accuracy.  Competitors from outside North America are welcome as well.

Scoring is easy to follow, as basic scoring follows regular titling class rules as set forth in USDAA rules & regulations. A special point-based formula is utilized to aggregate results from all rounds for special Title Mania awards that reflect, accuracy, consistency and competitiveness. Will you have the first ever "Dog of the Year" in your category?  Be sure to check out the rules summary at, as well as downloading the Title Mania Entry Form.

Following are the basics:


Individual classes will be held in three divisions - Championship, Performance and Veterans

  • Championship and Performance divisions will have three rounds of each class type - Gamblers, Jumpers, Snooker and Standard; classes are held at each level - Starters, Advanced, Masters, and Masters Challenge
  • Veterans division will have two rounds in each of these class types.

You can choose to enter any class at the current or higher level than what you are currently competing at

  • Any Qs earned count towards title; if earned at the higher level, the Q will count towards title once prerequisites are earned (i.e., Q's never lost).
  • All Qs earned at the Masters and Masters Challenge levels count towards Lifetime Achievement Awards
Open to all competitors from any dog agility venue.
  • No pre-qualification required.
  • Previous accomplishments not required either.
Held at the same time and location is the first WCRL Rally World Championships.  Check out information on this event at


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