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A Celebration of Peak's Throw The Switch, "Juice"

"Juice" was an IFCS World Champion dog - Some thoughts celebrating her life and accomplishments from her handler, Marcus Topps, and other fellow competitors.

Peak's Throw The Switch, "Juice"

June 17, 2000 - May 1, 2016

  • 2004 IFCS World Champion (Six of Seven Gold Medals)
  • Three-Time Consecutive Grand Prix National Champion
  • Two-Time Steeplechase National Champion
  • Performance Speed Jumping National Champion
  • Seven-Time Team Snooker National Class Winner
  • Six-Time Team Jumpers National Class Winner
  • Twelve-Time Regional Champions (Grand Prix, Steeplechase, Team Tournament)

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Renee King:

"It was fun to watch the two multiple World Champions evolve in front of my eyes here in Texas. Rockwall, TX, December 2001, Marcus' and Juice's first trial. I remember that one quite well! They couldn't do squat in the Starters classes (Juice bounding from the middle of the dogwalk to the ground) but they qualified for Team and won the Steeplechase class by beating some of the top dogs in the country. And in typical Marcus fashion, on Sunday morning, we started with Team Jumpers. He, of course, runs so late that he missed the walk through. And ran a gorgeous run winning the class! Right then and there, everybody knew this was a special team.

What an amazing dog Juice was. Super easy to live with, she stayed at my house many times during her travels with Marcus. Jami Lynn, Chris Dyer, Marcus, and I were a great group of traveling friends together to Perry, Scottsdale, and many other competitions. Juice was so smart, and playful, yet had a lovely off switch. She was a bit of a tomboy and enjoyed rough housing while playing with other dogs. She knew and loved her people! If she knew you, and you walked by, she would raise up on her hind legs and want to say hi to you. What else can I say about her, she had a great heart both for the game, her friends, and for Marcus. She was everything a good working bred Border Collie should be and more. She was one of the ones that made me fall in love with Border Collies and made me want one of my own. Most of all, she absolutely adored Marcus!

Their awards and championships will stand for all time, I have no doubt. There have been great handlers and great dogs in agility before, and there will be great handlers and great dogs again. But there will never be another pair like these two, Marcus and Juice ... legends of the sport ... and my friends. Sleep well, Juice, you were greatly loved and will be greatly missed." 

Stuart Mah:

"What is there to say about Marcus and Juice that hasn't already been said? A great handler ... sure. A superbly trained dog with lots of skills ... yes. A great team ... not a doubt. But good friends? Absolutely.

They were both fierce competitors, always doing their best and in the process, driving others to do their best. They were gracious when they won but they were just as gracious when they would lose, always telling somebody how well they did and congratulating them on the win. And, as good friends, they always had a nice word for when you never did well. I remember one particular event at a Regional where I tanked a snooker run. After the class was over Marcus came over to me and said, "That's OK. You will get them on the next one."  And, if to emphasize the fact, Juice came over to my dog, Qwik, and licked him in the face. So, Marcus, thank you for letting Juice be part of all of our agility lives and giving us the opportunity to watch such an amazing team. You two will always be one-of-a-kind."

Ann Braue:

"When competing overseas on the same World Team (the year I tore my ACL and Marcus took my team spot) our coach forbid us to travel to the Black Forest because we could trip over a tree root. So, Marcus and I and some other team members are walking in Basel and Marcus steps off of a curb, nearly twists his ankle and is nearly hit by a car! Another great Marcus and Juice memory is how whenever I'd have a fabulous run Marcus would come up to me and say, "That was okay if you like that kinda thing...." I always loved his way to give subtle compliments that actually meant the world! I never thought he was cocky ... he said little and let his actions speak volumes!"  

Carrie Jones:

"Marcus and Juice ... just a guy and his dog striving to be the best through hard work and perseverance. From the first time I saw them compete, you could see the talent seeping from their pores. When you competed against them, I think everyone knew that if they ran clean they were pretty much unbeatable. In my mind, to date, there are only three dog-and-handler teams in the world that have dominated this sport -- Marcus and Juice are one of them. They are the most decorated team in U.S. agility history. The epitome of excellence!

What I always admired about them was their no-frills attitude on and off the course. Both super friendly and a lot of fun to hang out with. It was an honor and privilege to be their friend and teammate on numerous occasions."

Christine Bolton:

"I am truly lost for words to explain how special Juice was. My husband Jeff and I were lucky enough to have worked with Juice and Marcus at the start of their Agility Domination. From the very start, we knew that with Marcus as her partner they were going to take on the world and win! Which they did year after year, there has not, nor ever will be, another example of such a true team partnership. Juice gave Marcus 100% and Marcus in return gave her 100 % back. The thing that most resonates in my thoughts about them was their passion and commitment not only for the sport of agility but for each other. A respect and love for each other that goes beyond the sport. To me, the team of Juice and Marcus reign supreme. I don't think in my lifetime I will witness a team in agility to beat them. I know they will inspire handlers to emulate them or at least try forever more to be like them. I am so lucky and blessed to have known them and been a piece of their journey."

Marcus Topps:

"This past Sunday, I said goodbye to my companion and teammate of almost 16 years. She had been slowly declining over the last couple months and she told me it was time. The decision was so easy and yet so difficult to make but I had to honor her request. She deserved to go with dignity, respect and I was not going to be selfish and prolong the inevitable.

I truly hope we were a team that both motivated and inspired others to give their all; to go for it; lay it all on the line and not be afraid to make mistakes. I hope we made everyone get on the edge of their seats each and every time we stepped to the line in a finals event and made it exciting for them to watch. Juice was one of those dogs that you had to rise to her level. I accepted her challenge and together we became an almost unstoppable and unbeatable team.

One day those 16 years of memories will replace what I am feeling now. But now, for one final time ... as the finals crowd used to chant as we were stepping to the line ... JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUICE!!"


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