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TitleMania Judge Profile: Dave Visniski

A profile of TitleMania judge Dave Visniski.

Learn more about TitleMania judge Dave Visniski!

Where do you live?

A few miles outside Tyler, TX.

Tell us about your family?

Just my wife Robin and myself.

Tell us about your experience with agility either as a judge or competitor or both?

I started training and competing in agility as a shared activity with Robin. It looked like way too much crazy fun to just sit and watch. Spent the first seven years running a laid back cattle dog rescue. Had one of those "moments" and stepped up to a high-drive Malinois. Yikes!

What types of dogs do you have and what are their names, ages, and any titles?

  • Tango - my now 13-year-old cattle dog mix (think - DINGO). - USDAA MAD.
  • Kehlar - six-year-old Malinois. Can you say work in progress?

Tell us something unique or that you love about your dogs.

They give you "the look" - and you are off the couch out for a hike!

What do you do in your "other" non-agility life? If you're retired, or a professional dog trainer/instructor, what did you do before?

I am semi-retired. Owned my own business for 22 yrs. Sold it in 2013 and now try to find enough side income so as not to have to take another "real job."

What events will you be judging at Titlemania?

All levels of Standard, Jumpers, Snooker, Gamblers, plus Masters Challenge Standard and Jumpers.

How does it feel to be judging a brand new event for USDAA?

I am honored to be invited to participate in a "sure hit" new concept trial. Many competitors in our area ask for this type of event. Should be an exciting week.

What goals and objectives do you have in mind when you are designing a course?

I attempt to balance all the requirements while keeping a big fun-factor. If a course is "technically sound" but too much work - I take it apart and start over. You'll never see that one!

Do you have any tips or advice for Titlemania competitors?

Every time you walk into the ring - look into the eyes of your canine partner and see the joy!

Do you have any advice for competitors thinking about doing competing, either at Titlemania or local/regional trials, but are intimidated?

Sure. First - if I can do this, you can! Trust me. I am the world's worst at ..."OMG - everyone is watching me," so I feel your pain. What is great about USDAA agility is the people at the trials that you DON'T know who take you under their wing and make you a part of our sport. It's what kept me going back. If it's your first time, find the judge and meet her/him. They have all been in your shoes. Just breaking the ice helps me decompress on the start line. Find me - I'll tell you some stories! You'll laugh all the way to your first Q!

What's your favorite dog in a book, movie, TV show or game?

Jerry Lee (the GSD from the movie K-9 with Jim Belushi)


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