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TitleMania - Fulfilling the Olympic Ideal

Learn what it means to have a USDAA event be part of Olympic Day.

One of the many things about the upcoming TitleMania event that we're excited about is our status as an Olympic Day event. Olympic Day was created to celebrate the values of the Olympics and encourage youth internationally to follow these ideals both in sports and life in general.

The Olympic values that Olympic Day focuses on are Excellence, Friendship and Respect. The Olympics promotes ideas that will be familiar to all of our USDAA competitors:

  • Enjoying the effort we put into competition with our dogs;
  • Using our example to educate others (dog owners and enthusiasts);
  • Showing respect for ethics by engaging in good sportsmanship at events;
  • Reinforcing the idea of fair play between competitors and their dogs;
  • Pursuing excellence through training and learning from others.
  • Emphasizing the balance between body, will and mind by using physical movement to develop learning.

As an added bonus, everyone who participates in TitleMania will receive an Olympic Day certificate!

We hope the members of our USDAA family join us in our pride in being chosen as an Olympic Day event, and we encourage you to sign up for updates at the TitleMania website to keep informed about all the exciting events and results next week!


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