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The story of a training class and their Regional experience.

Ask anyone who's ever stood on the podium at Title Mania, a Regional Championship or Cynosport and they'll tell you it's a pretty amazing feeling! The smiles in the podium pictures speak for themselves from both the humans and dogs.

Now imagine an entire agility class that's been training together for almost two years and having each class member win at least one tournament event at a Regional Championship this year.

That's exactly what happened for the Tuesday 12:15 p.m. class at IncrediPAWS, which is appropriately named the Competition Gold class. Jennifer Crank, their instructor, affectionately calls them the spectacular six.

Heres their list of accomplishments:

  • Kim Barton and Logan - 8-inch Performance Grand Prix Regional Champion at the North Central Regional
  • Betsey Lynch and Wren - 8-inch Performance Speed Jumping and Performance Biathlon Regional Champion at the North Central Regional
  • Roger O'Sullivan and Keebler - 12-inch Biathlon champion at the North Central Regional
  • Jennifer Crank/Shirley Keller and Clever - 12-inch Grand Prix Regional Champion at the Mid-Atlantic Regional
  • Susan Crank and Stripper - 14-inch Grand Prix Regional Champion at both the North Central and South Central regionals
  • Shane Gant and Sweets - 14-inch Biathlon and Steeplechase Regional Champion at the North Central Regional

In addition, three of the six dogs also brought home the gold at Cynosport in 2015.

  • Roger and Keebler won the 12-inch Steeplechase class
  • Betsey and Wren won the 8-inch Performance Grand Prix (and Biathlon in 2014)
  • Jenn and Clever won 12-inch Biathlon (and Grand Prix in 2014)

Jenn says it's an amazing group of people who work hard and support each other during good times and bad. Congratulations to everyone for your hard work! We look forward to seeing you at Cynosport this year in Scottsdale.

Jennifer Crank is the owner and founder of IncrediPAWS Dog Training in Pataskala, Ohio. She offers agility instructions in group classes, private lessons and seminars. Visit for more information.

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