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Jump Height Transitions Effective December 28

Jump height transition rules clarified.

In response to inquiries relative to the upcoming transition of jump heights at the end of 2016, USDAA has developed the following transition rules and guidelines.

2017 Tournament Qualifications

As we continue to put the final touches on a new jump height structure that will go into effect on December 28, 2016, we want to assure competitors that all tournament qualifications earned for Cynosport 2017, and qualifications and local byes earned for 2017 Regionals, now through December 27, will transfer to any eligible new jump height in either program, Championship or Performance.

Further, for competitors switching programs after December 27, the "number of Qs" rule for Cynosport pursuant to tournament rules will be modified for the 2016-2017 tournament season as follows:

  • All tournament Qs and local byes for Regionals earned before December 28, 2016, will be generic in nature, allowing a handler to choose either program in a height for which they are eligible after December 27, 2016.
  • Tournament Qs earned after December 27, 2016, would be included in the calculation of the "number of tournament Qs" test going forward.
  • Titling Qs will be excluded from the "number of Qs" calculation for the tournament qualification season (ending September 6, 2017), in order to allow those in transition the opportunity to complete a title in a program before switching programs without having to be concerned about any impact on their tournament considerations.

Our goal is to maintain maximum flexibility in an orderly transition. All qualifications earned prior to December 28, will have validity for those transitioning. For any questions or to address unique cases of unforeseen circumstances, competitors should email the USDAA office at

Transitioning between Championship and Performance for Titling

Transitioning from the Performance titling program to the Championship titling program above the Starters level requires the filing of an election form, using procedures similar to those utilized in 2013, when the current 14" and 18" height classes were adopted. Please note that a Championship Program title under current regulations already establishes eligibility in the Performance Program, so no special rule or election for transition for titling from Championship to Performance is required.

The following rules are intended to permit those who have earned titles in the Performance Program to enter the higher level classes in the Championship Program without having to first earn the Championship Program Starters and/or Advanced level titles, as would otherwise be required:

  • A Performance class title or versatility title will be recognized for advancement into the next higher level in the Championship Program.

    For example, the Advanced Performance Jumpers title would establish eligibility for entry to the Masters Jumpers class in the Championship Program. Similarly, a Performance Dog versatility title would establish eligibility for entry to the Advanced level classes in the Championship Program.

  • Individual legs or "qualifications" earned in a program will not be able to be transferred to the another program, so a competitor may wish to complete a title in a Performance Program in order to advance to the next level in Championship Program, or vice versa.

    For example, a competitor has earned the Starters Performance Standard title and has one qualification in each nonstandard class except Gamblers; The competitor may choose to stay in performance in Gamblers to earn the Starters qualification that would complete the Performance Dog title, which would then make them eligible for all Advanced level classes in the Championship Program.

The special election form will be made available on or before December 1, 2016, and must be completed and submitted with fee no later than June 29, 2017.

To reiterate, note that this election is only for those who wish to transfer a dog from the Performance titling program to the Championship titling program at a level above Starters. No election or form need be filed if

  • you do not wish to take advantage of this special election, or
  • you are transferring from Championships titling program to Performance Program.

Filing the form for a dog by June 29, 2017, provides the opportunity for a competitor to make the change at any time in the future.


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