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September's President's Message from USDAA President Ken Tatsch.

The 2016 regional season is coming to a close this month, with the final Regional Championship in Mexico. Competitors from Mexico and throughout Central America are setting their sights on Scottsdale this November, among the ten or more countries to be represented at Cynosport this year. Remember, entries for Cynosport close this Saturday, September 17th, so don't let that date slip by. It will be a week of fun and great competition you won't want to miss.

There are lots of behind-the-scenes activities currently underway as we finish up some of the logistics and floor plan for the event. Helen McNenly, Cynosport Trial Secretary, is keeping up with entries as quickly as she can. You can check out her website - to see where your entry is in the process. The schedule is being fine-tuned, and we will be able to provide more details about the event once all entries are processed. Watch for posts of event information in coming days leading up to the event.

The IFCS fundraising rings will be ready to go again this year. Splash Dogs (dock jumping), Lure for the Cure (lure coursing), and herding instinct tests will be on site. A portion of fees from Lure for the Cure support the National Canine Cancer Foundation, and a portion of the fees from the herding instinct tests will go to the United States Association of Cynological Sports, a public charity in support of the 2017 IFCS Team USA. 

Finally, we also want to provide our support and encouragement for our long-time friend and pioneer in dog agility Julie Daniels, who is facing the toughest battle of her life right now. Julie has played a huge role in education and fostering growth of the sport. She worked with us on introducing dog agility to television and was our voice on Animal Planet from 1998  2001, and has provided commentary on webcasts of Cynosport for a number of years. Despite Julies reluctance, her friends and students have set up a crowdsource medical expense fund to help with her insurmountable medical bills. Any support is welcomed and much appreciated. As always, Julie has a positive attitude and determination to conquer this devastating disease. Please join us in wishing her well. 


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