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Meet Gert Siekmans!

Learn more about another judge for the upcoming USDAA events in Scottsdale.

Mr. Siekmans is a married father of two children that he and his wife adopted from China. He lives on the east side of the Netherlands in the city of Hardenberg.

Photo by Frank Uijlenbroek

BF: How many years have you been judging?

GS: For 10 years I have been one of the 10 judges for agility for the Federation Dogsports of the Netherlands.

BF: Have you judged in other venues?

GS: [I've judged] several Dutch championships in agility and in May 2006 I was one of the judges of the WAC (World Agility Championship) in Holland.

BF: What do you do for a living?

GS: I work as a manager and teacher in a vocational training school. We educate assistants in primary schools and schools for special education.

BF: Tell me about your dogs.

GS: Nowadays we have only one Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. Her name is Yentl and she is 10 years old. Her sister Sunny (almost 14 years old) died during the last holiday.

BF: What skills are you looking for exhibitors to use when you design courses for events like this one?

GS: As a judge I always try to design fair but challenging courses for the competitors.

BF: Do you have any other comments?

GS: For a number of years I have been a trainer of the agility group in my club in the east of the Netherlands. I am looking forward to judging at the World Cynosport Games in Scottsdale.

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