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Health Benefits of Pumpkin for Dogs

Halloween is the perfect time of year to discuss pumpkin for dogs.

For today's Health and Wellness Wednesday topic, we're going to look at the benefits of pumpkin for dogs. Pumpkin is definitely a seasonal favorite for humans at this time of year. It's a great option for dogs all year round.

A recent article in PetMd of course recommends discussing feeding pumpkin to your dog with your veterinarian before you begin.

Some of the benefits of include helping dogs with urinary incontinence. It also is a good source of dietary fiber and can help dogs with constipation of diarrhea. PetMD recommends a tablespoon of pumpkin mixed into your dog's regular kibble, but check with your veterinarian first as the amount will vary depending on your dog's size. Make sure that you buy the plain canned pumpkin with no additional spices or ingredients (you do not want to buy pumpkin pie mix which is full of sugar, spices and other items you don't want to feed your dog). Plain pumpkin is also low in fat and cholesterol which makes it a good healthy supplement for your dog's food in general.

Dogs that are overweight can also benefit from pumpkin. Replacing a small amount of their regular kibble with some pumpkin can help them to lose weight. The fiber helps your dog's stomach to feel full so he's likely to be satisfied eating less kibble.

Canned pumpkin should be refrigerated once it is opened and can go bad after an amount of time. PetHealthNetwork suggest freezing it in an ice cube tray. You can thaw each cube as needed for your dog's dinner, or give them the frozen cube as a healthy treat.

So if you're in the Halloween spirit and looking for a new treat for your dog, or have some gastrointestinal issues to help your dog with, consider some pumpkin!


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