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A list of all of our winners from the 2016 Cynosport World Games.

We had a great time last week at the 2016 Cynosport World Games in Scottsdale, AZ. Congratulations to all of our winners!

Performance Grand Prix


1. Betsey Lynch and Wren

2. Daneen Fox and Zen

3. Daneen Fox and Stunner


1. Delaney Ratner and Jonesy

2. Robert Angel and Lane

3. Ian Owen and Felony


1. Bill Molloy and Cork

2. Mia Grant and Vic

3. Deanna Fairchild and Quinn


1. Kim Terrill and Force

2. Brenda Kelly and Luna

3. Stacey Fleischer and Felony

Performance Versatility Pairs

1. Mash & Burn: Scott Milner and Bolt and Daneen Fox and Masher

2. Race to the Top: Morganne Wagoner-Perry and Summit and Kris Huett and Muncie

3. Boys in the Boat: Lonny Elson and Paxxton and Nancy Gyes and Scoop

Dog Agility Team Relay Overall

1. Say Yes to the Pony Express: Jody Lolich and Skillz, Sangie Brooks and Vette, and Susan Garrett and Swagger

2. Pie's Gunnin for Riches: Lonny Elson and Gunner, Nancy Gyes and Pie, and Mia Grant and Rich

3. Fireball Motion Will: Teri Thompson and Motion, Laura Pryse and Fireball, and Naci Berkoz and Will

Performance Speed Jumping!


1. Daneen Fox and Masher

2. Suzanne Birdsall and Flip

3. Dolores Tyneway and P'Air


1. Karen Holik and Ice

2. Tracy Sklenar and Export

3. Stephen Champion and Cooper


1. Nancy Kemna and Ten

2. Laurie Zurborg and Gem

3. Anne Kajava and Motion


1. Kim Terrill and Force

2. Monica Bush and Squid Vicious

3. Jennifer Hill and Slayte

Steeplechase Winners!


1. Andy Mueller and Crackers

2. Susan Cochran and Hedy

3. Akiko Okamoto and Kure


1. Dawn Weaver and Vegas

2. Ami Sheffield and Pixel

3. Sandy Scott and Skylar


1. Marcy Mantell and Stripe

2. Tim Buck and Caboose

3. Keith Highley and Cisco


1. Channan Fosty and Kirk

2. Jenna Williams and Maddie

3. Linda Johns and Joss


1. Donna Housley and Kizmet

2. David Kurtz and Snips

3. Nancy Kemna and Rave


1. Anne Andrle and Super G

2. Kristie Moser and Mako

3. Elicia Calhoun and Tobie

Veterans Winners!


1. Beth Carlson and Lexi

2. Diann Alexander and Tinkerbell

3. Shirley Russell and Stormie


1. Mary Obidinski and Willis

2. Kim O'Connor and Nemo

3. Linda Samson and Lexi


1. Maralise Howze and Jemima

2. Renee Culpepper and Polliwog

3. Laurie Huston and Chico


1. Jim Aitken and Brody

2. Graciela Calderon and Alfa

3. Marlene Fritz and Toby

Performance Biathlon Winners!


1. Lee Kusek and Dazzle

2. Maryse Shank and Skeeter

3. Daneen Fox and Zen


1. Jeff Arnett and Lexi

2. Daniel Diaz and Luna Codi

3. Mike Teh and Daggy


1. Anne Swan and Kylie

2. Mary Ellen Barry and E-Z

3. Stacy Peardot Goudy and Sobe


1. Nancy Gyes and Scoop

2. Kathleen Desvigne and Serena

3. Brenda Kelly and Luna

Biathlon Winners!


1. Andy Mueller and Crackers

2. Jennifer Crank and Clever

3. Roger Ly and Buster


1. Barb Davis and Skecher

2. Lauren Wye and Wheatie

3. Susan Crank and Stripper


1. Alberto Marmo and Maya (not pictured)

2. Gosia Skowron and Riot

3. Naci Berkoz and Monkey Joe


1. Naomi Snapp and Yankee

2. Jami Campisi and Syn

3. Jennifer Hill and Key


1. Susan Garrett and Feature

2. Heather Kaluza and Chip

3. David Kurtz and Snips


1. Jody Lolich and Skillz

2. Melanie Rock and Puma

3. Maria Badamo and Gromit

Grand Prix Winners!


1. Diane O'Reilly and Rauri Belle

2. Jennifer Crank and Clever

3. Caroline Weil and Boogie


1. Abigail Beasley and Dreamer

2. Giuliana Lund and Rukia

3. Ceci Martinez and Janie


1. Ashley Deacon and Dash

2. Aryn Hervel and Crush

3. Gayle Anderson and Charger


1. Channan Fosty and Kirk

2. Rachel Downs and Vixen

3. Marcia Lyons and Liberty


1. Susan Garrett and Swagger

2. Susan McGowen and Jedi

3. Elyse Rossellini and Finn


1. Laura Pryse and Hot Shot

2. Rachel Sanders and Gifted

3. Shane Miller and L


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