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Revised Procedures Issued for Remeasurement of Height Certified Dogs

This newly issued policy statement sets forth expedited procedures for recertification of dogs for the 17" and 19" cut-offs to become effective December 28.

Under the new height structure to take effect December 28, 2016, three classes utilize new cut-offstwo in the Championship Program and one in the Performance Program.  

New expedited procedures have been issued in a policy statement that can reduce the number of measurements needed to qualify for the 17" and 19" cut-off points.  See the new Policy Statement for details. A special Re-Measurement Form has been created to facilitate the process.

For those dogs previously height certified and measuring more than 1/4" beneath a cut-off, no additional measurements are required. For example, a dog measuring 17.75" in the 22" class is automatically certified for the 20" class (a 19" cut-off) without further measurement. Consult your dog's information page on for the recorded certified height for your dog.

Our system will be automatically updated in January for the new heights. New cards will be available shortly thereafter. We will announce when they will be available.  To establish eligibility, it is advised to print out a copy of the Dog's Information page in Competitor Services on, and take a copy to check-in.  This will establish the dog's height for purposes of this process.

Any questions may be directed to the USDAA office at


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