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Spread Hurdle & Long Jump Settings Plus Snooker Super Qs

The spread hurdle and long jump settings have been finalized as well as a revised method for calculating Snooker Super Qs due to height changes effective December 28, 2016.

While table settings remain unchanged, settings for spread hurdles and the long jump required examination with the new jump heights.  Click "HERE" to open the document containing this information.

Further, the method by which Snooker Super Qs are calculated has been modified so that scores within jump height divisions are no longer compared or combined to determine the minimum score for a Super Q should there be a shortfall of dogs competing in a jump height.  Click "HERE" to open the document that outlines this new procedure. 

Both documents can be found in Rules Amendments for the Regulation eBook.

If you have any questions with regard to information presented in the documents, contact the office at or call 972.487.2200, Ext 102.


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