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REMINDER: New Procedure for Permanent Jump Height Status

Outline of procedure for permanent jump height status and permanent cards originally published in February.

At this time we are not sending out the plastic permanent cards. Instead you will have the convenience of printing the Dog Information Page from your online competitor account to use at check in. You may make copies and send this along with entries just as you did before with the card.

It's easy to do! Simply log in to your account, then click on the dog's number. You will have to do this with each dog. You will then see the dog's information which includes everything needed for the show secretaries. Unlike the previous permanent card, the printout shows the dog's actual height and not just the height class. Date height certified indicates the dog has permanent status. Just as before, the height listed is the Championship height, however we can no longer say the Performance height is one height lower. You will need to know your dog's height class for Performance.

If you need help with logging in to your account, please call the office at 972-487-2200 and we can help you with your user name and password.

You can make your own permanent card by printing your dog's Dog Information page and then cutting out the area that contains your dog's jump height information. You can copy this and send it along with your entries. Just be sure to include the dog's name and number which is located at the very top.

As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call.


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