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Dogs Improve Heart Health

February is American Heart Month. A new study indicates dogs help our hearts even more than we thought.

In February the American Health Association promotes heart health and awareness of the risks of stroke and cardiovascular disease. The AHA has always promoted pet ownership as studies have shown that people with pets tend to have a lower risk of heart disease. They also promote dog ownership in particular since owners of dogs tend to get more exercise.

A recent study from the Monash University in Australia has found further evidence that dogs can improve a person's heart health. In an article in the Daily Mail, the study is described as test where the heart rate of owners and their dogs were monitored when they were split up and then brought back together. The researchers were surprised to find that in both the dogs and their people, heart rates dropped when they saw each other again, and actually began to beat in sync! Further evidence that dogs can have a positive impact on an owner's health, particularly in reducing heart disease and stroke.


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