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New USDAA Judges from Recent Clinic in Mexico

Meet our new judges from a clinic held late last year in Mexico.

We recently interviewed Francisco "Paco" Berjon, a long-time USDAA judge who resides in Mexico City. Francisco and USDAA's President Ken Tatsch presided over the clinic, which was held on October 14-16, 2016 in Mexico City, Mexico.

8 students attended the clinic and 4 met the requirements to become judges. The clinic was 3 days instead of the usual 4 so the pace was very fast. The hardest part, says Francisco, was translating the rule book into Spanish. The new judges are:

Silvia Martinez is now a Masters level judge. According to Francisco, Silvia hails from Costa Rica and lives in the United States. Francisco relates that she is a "very consistent judge" and she is starting to judge trials now in Costa Rica.

Fernando Bautista has been a judge in Mexico for the past 6+ years. Francisco says Fernando is judging in and around Mexico City currently and will look for him to begin to do Starters to Advanced judging assignments in the U.S.

Satoshi Garibay has been competing in agility for several years and is now a Starters level judge. Francisco says he's already judged a match with 20 dogs and did a very good job.

Ricardo Calvillo is a brand new judge and he actually took his first agility class through Francisco! He has been competing for about 7 years. Francisco says he will get judging assignments from the Western part of Mexico and he looks forward to him doing judging assignments in the U.S. when he feels ready.

According to Francisco, agility is definitely growing in Mexico since he started with USDAA back in 2007. Francisco was very pleased with the clinic's results and he's hoping to do another one but not until he has finished more translation work on the rule books. He is hoping to have that completed in mid-2017.


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