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Cynosport Games Gets Underway Today

The beginning of the Cynosport World Games to get underway at 2:00pm Wednesday, November 1

The 2006 Cynosport World Games, home to USDAA's tournament series championships, gets a start with the Time Gamble at 2:00pm today.  The Time Gamble class offers a new twist this year, providing decision points in the course for competitors.  "We were looking for a way to reduce the huge administrative time on the front-end of this class, and I think we came up with a tantalizingly fun version of this age-old classic," says Kenneth Tatsch, USDAA President and chief architect of the course design for this year's event opener. 

For those not aware, the Time Gamble in its classic form has competitors estimating their time on course, and then they run against that standard.  Because of some 500-plus times needing to be recorded prior to the start of the class, the process of recording these 500-plus times on individualized scribe sheets was always a challenge - not just keeping scribe sheets in order, but in collecting the scores in an orderly fashion. 

The new twist of having a prescribed time dictated  and providing a course of varying lengths, depending on choice of route chosen by the competitor came to mind. It has the same effect of the competitor needing to know their performance times and abilities, while eliminating the recording process.

Kenneth Tatsch has captured the essence of the course in a podcast, which can be heard by clicking HERE. Follow the course diagram below while you listen.

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