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The April OVERview Message

The April OVERview message from USDAA's President Ken Tatsch.

Spring has arrived and Team USA is heading to Spain for the 2017 IFCS World Agility Championships, April 26-30. The event has record participation as its national theme begins to take hold in Europe. Competition is sure to be the toughest yet, and Team USA, under the direction of coach Tracy Sklenar have been working hard in preparations for this years event. Many of our supporters have been working hard to, as we have seen a marked increase in charitable donations through the United States Association of Cynological Sports (USACS). We cannot thank everyone enough for the outpouring of support we have seen this year. While it still isn't enough to cover all travel, it gives the team some peace of mind going into the event that their financial burden will be reduced. If anyone has thought about contributing and has not, you can still log onto to learn more, and to make your tax deductible charitable contribution.

This year's IFCS World Agility Championship will be streamed live and free of charge on behalf of one of the event sponsors. They have been testing the webcast feed in the past few days, and we will announce the timing and location on the web as soon as we have it all confirmed. Of course the time zone difference must be considered, with Spain being on Central European Summer Time, which is US Eastern Time Zone plus 6 hours. You can sign up for posts on, and connect to the IFCS Facebook page as well.

Closing dates are rapidly coming for the May regional championships. The Southwest in southern California and the North Central regional championship in Michigan are both on May 12-14. Canine Combustion is hosting the North Central Regional and are celebrating 25 years of USDAA and dog agility. It will be an event you won't want to miss, with special festivities planned. And then at the end of the month is the Pacific Northwest Regional. Mark your calendars.

Also at the end of May will be the second of three regional Title Mania events in New England, with a closing date of May 3rd. In every issue of the Overview, we publish a list of upcoming events in closing date order for the coming month. Be sure to check this out each month so you dont miss one of your favorite events.


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