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Time Gamble Analysis by Tania Chadwick

The first class gets underway.

This was a fun class to get us in the groove for the week ahead.  Because of the change in the way the times were recorded for the class,  the strategy was a bit different compared to years past.

The times were generous, so the majority of handlers were looking to take their time and work the course with a little more deliberate effort.

I saw many bars down for those handlers with the big dogs taking the #6 tunnel to the #7 triple jump.  Dogs were getting lots of speed from the tunnel and rushing the triple.  Also many dogs were coming off of the teeter as a result of handlers standing too close to the teeter in their lead-out.

Tania Chadwick has been competing in USDAA for 10 years and is the President for The Bay Team, one of the largest agility clubs in the country.


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