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Heat Awareness Tips

Tips to beat the heat with your dogs now that summer is here!

The last Friday in May is Heat Awareness Day. It's a good time to review the signs of heat stroke in dogs and humans now that we're all excited for summer!

The National Weather Service has some heat safety tips on their website and this helpful infographic on the signs of heat exhaustion and stroke. 

The Center for Disease Control advises in cases of heat exhaustion to:
  • get to a cooler area
  • loosen up your clothing
  • lie down
  • apply cool, wet cloths 
  • sip water
  • find medical help immediately if you vomit or the symptoms persist.
In cases of heat stroke, the CDC advises you to call 911 without delay. Move to a cooler spot and use cool cloths to bring down the body's temperature or use a bath. But do not give the person fluids!

For dogs, PetMD advises owners to look for these warning signs of heat exhaustion:
  • panting heavily and excessively
  • drooling
  • general discomfort or pain
  • mental confusion
  • lethargy or lying down a lot
  • irregular or rapid heart beat
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
In cases of heat exhaustion, move the dog to a cooler area and contact a veterinarian immediately. PetMD advises owners with a dog suffering from heat stroke to wet the dog with cool (but not icy cold!) water and check your dog's temperature every 10-15 minutes. Additional information can be found on PetMD.

One way to help keep dogs cool are cooling products, such as cooling mats, collars and vests. There are also crate fans which come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  


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