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USDAA Title Mania Competitor Profile: Lory Luna and Maverick

A profile of a new USDAA competitor, Lory Luna and her dog Maverick.

Lory Luna attended her first USDAA event this summer with Title Mania Central in Franklin, Tennessee, driving all the way from Texas to attend! 

Her dog is Maverick, a three-and-a-half-year-old "Chiweeni." He was a two-pound rescue she found from a local shelter, Operation Kindness, in Carrollton, Texas. Says Lory, "When Maverick was younger I noticed he was quick to learn tricks and loved to jump. When I ran out of tricks to teach him I looked into agility and started him right away."

She became interested in USDAA agility because, "I love that it offers something for everyone. Newcomers have something to be challenged with while more accomplished people also find a challenge." When she learned of the USDAA Title Mania event in Tennessee, she was interested in attending because, "I am always looking to expose Mav to new and different places and experiences so when I was invited to join some friends I thought ok, it's above our pay grade but it'll be fun and at the least he will get experience with travel, new dogs and a new place. Little did I ever think he would win 10" versatility champion!"

"Title Mania was a great experience for both myself and Mav. The experience gave us confidence as we continue to learn this new sport. The people, both participants as well as staff, were amazingly supportive and helpful. The judges were awesome. They were very helpful and supportive and met each competitor where they were in their experience so there was no intimidation for us newbies.  

Lory is excited about attending more USDAA events and as for Title Mania, she says, "I am hoping to be ready to bring two dogs next year!!"

Photo credits: #2 and #3 True Colors Photo


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