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BARK NH Holds Local Trial and Retirement Celebration

NH's July 21-23, 2017 trial featured many titles and a dog retirement celebration.

BARK-NH, located in Manchester, New Hampshire, held a trial at American Canine Country in Amherst on July 21st-23rd. Lo Baker served as Chair and Valori Duff as Secretary with Judge Sheri Boone.

Many titles were earned during the weekend!

  • Cheryl Killam and Deena - Performance Masters Jumpers
  • Paula Recco and Chime - Performance Masters Jumpers Bronze
  • Elliot Kaplan and Ebbets - ADCH
  • Rachel Henry and Clewe - Jumper Champion
  • Rachel Henry and Gromit - Performance Snooker Platinum
  • Rae Nicole and Ryder - Performance ll Snooker
  • Sandi Bixler and Trudy - Performance Snooker Master
  • Christopher Holm and Fia - Relay Master
  • Sadie Smith and Sadie - Relay CH. Bronze, ADCH Bronze and Tournament CH. Silver
  • Lynn Thibodeau and Tuukka - MAD
  • Kathy Horn and Olive - Performance Jumpers Silver, Performance Snooker
  • Jane Plamondon and Cullen - LAA Platinum
  • Sara McDonald and Phantom - Performance ll Gambler
  • Sharon Cudd Wirant and Simi - PGCH, APD, APR, PRM
  • Bruce Thibodeau and Toby - ADCH and LAA Silver
  • Amy Robinson and Curly - Performance l Standard and P-AD
  • Lauren Stein and Hailey McBean - Veterans Jumpers Champion
  • Denielle Stasa and Bias - Performance ll Snooker
  • Cindy McGovern and Gus - Performance lll Jumpers
  • Lauren Stein and The Pi Guy - Performance-ADCH Bronze, Performance-Gambler CH Bronze and LAA Bronze
  • Sue Lohrer and Teddy - Relay Master
  • Kathy Clement and Wik - PGM and PDCH
  • Seroe Michaud and Snickers - AAD, Masters Snooker and Master Jumper
  • Heather Ferguson and Dahli - P-AD
  • Pollyanna Mead and Comet - Performance Masters Pairs and Snooker
  • Jill Derby and Josie - P-AD
  • Sandy Dusenbery and Divot - ADCH Silver
  • Sharon Cudd Wirant and Zesty - Masters Standard Bronze
  • Wendy Crawshaw and Angel - AD
  • Laura Raymond and Widget - AD
  • Eileen Fernandez and Roxy - Starters Standard
  • Elise Moodie and Lily - Snooker Champion
  • Ashley Porter and Rise - Advanced and Starters Snooker
  • Maureen Sullivan and Spice - Advanced Jumpers

In addition to the agility fun, Lauren Stein held a retirement run for her dog Hailey McBean. Stay tuned for an article on that event coming tomorrow!

Photos from the Event:

Bruce Thibodeau and Toby - ADCH Silver and LAA Silver with Judge Sheri Boone
Photo by Lo Baker

Curly - Performance AD, Owner/Handler Amy Robinson
Photo by Amy Robinson

Divot ADCH-Silver, Owner/Handler Sandy Dusenbery
Photo by Sandy Dusenbery

Elliot Kaplan (USDAA Judge) and Ebbets with Judge Sheri Boone
Photo by Lo Baker

Jane Plamondon and Cullen - LAA Platinum with Judge Sheri Boone
Photo by Lo Baker

Josie - Performance AD
Owner/Handler Jill Derby
Photo by Jill Derby
Judge Sheri Boone with her new puppy Lady Iris
Photo by Lo Baker

Kathy Clement and Wik - Performance ADCH
Photo by Lo Baker

Laura Reynolds' Widget
Photo by Laura Raymond

Snickers AAD, Owner/Handler Seroe Michaud
Photo by Seroe Michaud

Lynn Thibodeau and Tuukka - MAD with Judge Sheri Boone
Photo by Lo Baker

Lauren Stein and The Pi Guy - Performance ADCH Bronze, LAA Bronze with Judge Sheri Boone
Photo by Lo Baker

Olive - Silver Jumpers, Owner/Handler Kathy Horn
Photo by Kathy Horn

ADCH Celebration Cake by Owner Joyce Gauthier and Halliah (affectionately known as Monkey by Joyce)
Photo by Lo Baker

USDAA Judge Seth Dunn gives
Judge Sheri Boone rabbit ears
Photo by Lo Baker

From left to right - Lauren Stein and The Pi Guy (Performance ADCH Bronze, Performance Champion Bronze and LAA Bronze), Bruce Thibodeau and Toby (ADCH Silver and LAA Silver), Judge Sheri Boone, Jane Plamondon and Cullen (LAA Platinum), Kathy Clement and Wik (Performance Gamble Master and Performance ADCH)


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