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REPORTING LIVE - The Night Begins - Saturday, November 4

The second of USDAA's major finals begins tonight, with Live Reporting from the Announcer's Booth by USDAA President Ken Tatsch.  Also check competitors comments and observations on the Event Blog, at

Beginning under a nicely lit arena, a special celebrities fun run on the Steeplechase course kicked off the festivities, with 10 of USDAA's finest, including USDAA president Ken Tatsch.

The fun run found judges donning strange apparel, as they sought to earn extra points for "style", awarded by class judge Diane Carson.

Moving to a more serious tone, the Performance Speed Jumping final round immediately followed.  The course was speedy, with its share of angled approaches to jumps.  A number of dogs seemed to have trouble finding the weave poles in the center of the ring, which were positioned in the open flat of the ring.  Could have been the lighting or shadowing effect from the nighttime lights, but handlers also were found standing off, as there was little risk of an off course.  More than one had to restart their entry. 

Winning the 8" class was Kim James, with her Jack Russel Terrier Chip, who had won the Performance National Standard Championship last night. Followed by Pam Leisle and her Corgi Teddy from Colorado (2nd), and Daneen Fox and her Pomeranian Chopper from California (3rd).

Winning the 12" class was Alison Warr with her Jack Russell Terrier from Oregon. Followed by Kelly Misegadis and her Boston Terrier Hoosier from Colorado (2nd), Christine Frank and Jack Russel Terrier Hogan from Michigan (3rd) and Lori Sage and Sheltie Mikaela from Oregon (4th).

Winning the 16" class was Jim Basic with Border Collie Wicked, from California.  Followed by Dave Grubel and Australian Shepherd Tahoe (2nd), Jonathan Hanridege with All Breed Mesa from Arizona (3rd), Jennifer Hill with Australian Shepherd Tooney from California (4th), Mia Grant with All Breed Max from California (5th) and Kim James (winner of the 8" class) and her Border Collie Disco from Oregon (6th). 

Winning the 22" class was Teresa Rodney and her Flat-Coated Retriever Jaz from California. Followed by Jody Faulkner and her Aussie Gracie from Texas (2nd), and Kathleen Desvigne and her Golden Retriever Player from New York. All other entrants in the class were eliminated for wrong course.

Click Here for complete Performance Speed Jumping results.

The Steeplechase has begun with the 12" class.  With three to go, the leader Kathryn Elliot & Whin, with Bailey and a time of 34.64 seconds, and Mike Murphy in second with a score of 34.77 seconds and Wendy Pape with a score of 36.64 seconds.  Last competitor has run - Anne Platt with her Papillon Charlie of California has taken third with a score of 34.92, pushing Wendy to fourth.

Standby for 16" class . . . 8:38pm Mountain Standard Time

Joan Meyer kicks off the class with her Sheltie Dustin, setting the standard at 35.62.   Lindsay Christensen and her All BReed Fenwick finished in 40.77.  Marti Fuquay and Miniature Poodle Bodee finsihed in second at 36.60.  Barbara Bicksler and her Sheltie Sydney has taken second now with 35.69 seconds. Susan Garrett and DeCaff take the lead with 35.24. Joel Lavalley now on course with Sheltie Marvel pushing for the finish in 34.89, taking the lead. Now in, Remy a Sheltie handled by Laura Dolan from Massachusetts finishes in 35.42 for a third place standing. Joan Meyer now on course with her second Sheltie in the class Neil, racing clean and now turns out after #15, and finishing with 37.02, losing precious time at 15 and out of the race for the medals.  Jean Lavalley and Sheltie Taz finish in 34.67 taking the lead, in spite of a slip in the damp grass at hurdle #6.  Nancy Kleinhans and Jimmie Dean finish with 37.00.   It's go for broke now with the score to beat of 34.67.  And Karen Holik and her Sheltie Sizzle race through with 33.07, and the championship, despite a wide-out at the pipe tunnel at position #10 that almost drew an off-course elimination.

Karen & Sizzle take the win, 2nd place - Jean LAvalley & Taz, 3rd place - Joel Lavalley & Marvel, 4th Place - Susan Garret & Decaff, 5th place -  Remy & Laura Dolan and 6th place - Joan Meyer & Dustin

The 22" class is underway.  Don St. Croix of Georgia sets the pace with a score of 33.28.  Kate Moureaux and Border Collie Quick push but manages 33.55 for a close 2nd.  Joe Canova of New Jersey with Argos follows with 36.40.  Jack West from Texas with All Breed Annie is on course - a real crowd favorite, taking second with 33.40, taking a face first fall at the finish. Jerry Brown and Border Collie Sterling are on course finishing at 33.88, making for a very tight race, good for 3rd in the standings as Debbie Berkeley and her Border Collie Ricky on course. Drops a rail at the triple at #8; finishing with a time of 34.26, with five penalties to add. A new leader has taken the lead - Silvinia Bruera and Border Collie Maja with a score of 32.62.  A new second place with Pamela Fish and Flash with 32.84. Jim Basic and Spy takes second with 32.75, despite a slight hesitation at #17.  Jazz handled by Susan Mitchell of Texas on course - 32.94 for third in the standings.  Next up, Mick, and Donna Rohaus from Pennsylvania....Bar down at the triple at #8, with a time 32.58, which would have been fastest time, but out of the race with 5 faults to add.  Lisa Dewey & Rush are on course . . takes a misdirect to the pipe tunnel and #10, but saved.  Finishes in 34.94 seconds.  Many dogs are losing speed at the wrap of hurdle #16 to turn back to #17.  Nancy Gyes and Mace on course take and Elimination at #2 by jumping from the back side.  Crystal McClarnen & Maggie (Australian Cattle Dog) has improper weave pole entry that costs time, and finishes with 38.29.  Lauren Mitchell from New Hampshire with her Border Collie Toby goes off course at #5.  Coming on is Annie Pyle and BC Split from Massachusetts . . .takes a wide leadout . . . the dog goes wide for the #4 weave pole entry.  Split takes wide turns after many of the jumps.  Finishes at 34.39.  Taking some tighter turns could have put them in the challenge for the lead.  On course Christine Rediker with Shetland Sheepdog Lightning and takes the lead with incredible round in this Border Collie dominated class . . go Shelties!  Challenged by Traci McClung and Typhoon, but finishing in 32.64.  Mark Bowerman enters the ring . . . very efficient turns . . .takes a fault at the A-frame for a down contact, with the fastest time of 31.10, but 5 to add.  The class is being finished now with Alisha Nicholas and BC Pickle challenges but falls short at 32.51.    The class finishes with Christine Rediker and her Shetland Sheepdog Lightning taking the class. 

With the 26" class underway, the standard has been set by Greg Leal of California with Coty, with a time of 36.28 seconds.  Robert Michalski and Theresa Rector  trail with 39 seconds. The 26" class seems plagued by miscues, but Susan Cochran and Aiko challenge, moving into second place with a score of 36.37.  Frank Yang and BC Flash on course with a fault on the A-frame and a time of 38.06.  Stellar and Linda Mecklenburg on course . . .33.11 with a fluid round takes the lead.  Carol Mann with BC Peat, takes a bar down on #3 hurdle, runs out past the tunnel at #10, hits the weaves on the fly, hitting both contacts on the run, and finishes at 42.21.....Daisy Peal from Oregon at the start . . .Sheltie Jester finishes at 34.39. Nancy Gyes and BC Panic now on course, turns wide to tunnel #10 off of #9 hurdle.  Hesitation on the A-frame descent, finishes out 32.69 takes the lead, pushing Linda and Stellar to 2nd. Rachel Sanders and Fable on courses with flashy weave poles and a near turn out at #16, finishes in 32.86 takes second place pushing Linda and Stellar to third. Lisa Marie Bowers & Slick takes a pole down at #3 and finishing in 35.34.  Marcus Topps, now to finish up the class . . .pusing the limites finishes in 31.69 wins the round with BC Juice. They are the only competitor to take the #16 hurdle from right to left, demonstrating Juices tight turning ability while maintaining speed.  Congratulations Juice. 

1st - Marcus Topps & Juice
2nd - Nancy Gyes & Panic
3rd - Rachel Sanders & Fable
4th - Linda Mecklenburg & Stellar
5th - Daisy Peal & Jester
6th - Greg Leal & Coty

Congratulations to ALL!!!!!

Click Here for complete Steeplechase results. 


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