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Club-Doggie's Trial in December 2017

Club-Doggie enjoyed their trial in December with some fun prizes.

  • Name of Club:Club-Doggie
  • Location: Queen Creek, AZ
  • Event: Club Trial
  • Dates: December 8-10, 2017
  • Chair and secretary: Trial Chair was Jubie Rueschenberg and Trial Secretary was Karen Gloor
  • Judge: Francisco Berjon

Titles Earned


Handler & Dog Name

Starters Jumpers

Ben Etzioni & Oscar

Starters Gamble

Ashley Barinka & Fiona

Starters Snooker & Starters Jumpers

Susan Campbell & Lola

P1 Gamble

Mary Grant & Grace

DAM Team 1st place Winners

Brenda Mehr & Goose, Gail Chadwick & Livy, Brenda Kautz & Minnie

PVP 1st place Winners

Kama Rueschenberg & Kyler, Brenda Kautz & Mika

We consider all of our events as special because we do our very best to make every event a big party. We like to have fun and laugh a lot. Laughter helps lower stress and increase camaraderie, both very important at a competitive event.

We strive to make every trial even better then the last. It's the greatest going to fun and low stress trials where even if you don't Q that day, you go home feeling like you and your dog had a super fun time! Because of that, we do our best to ensure everyone feels welcome and has fun. I would like to share some of our Ideas that made this specific trial welcoming and fun for all.   

The morning starts with me personally welcoming competitors individually as I direct them to the parking area. That gives me a chance to meet first timers coming to our facility so I can answer any questions for set up and general concerns early on.  This is especially helpful for new competitors that may be a little nervous.

Then the day began with little inspirational candy sayings for the teams, music for walk through times, a super judge, Francisco Berjon who designed great courses and was kind and friendly to all competitors, and the "Field of Fun" for the dogs. The Field of Fun was named by one of the competitors and we kept the name because it is so much fun to watch the dogs play in one of our three fenced fields before the trial. You can just see how much they love playing with all of their dog friends and no one has to worry about aggression or dogs running off into a street.  

As the day progresses we provide plenty of snacks, drinks and great lunches for our awesome volunteers. Sometimes we have drawings for gift cards but this trial we provided coupons to be used towards future trials.

We always announce tournament winners and provide fun awards. This trial we had beautiful trophies and rosettes for DAM and PVP. The overall winners of each height received treats for their dogs, gold medals, and a $1,000,000.00&chocolate bar. We had a lot of millionaires by the end of the day! You can see the laughter and excitement in the photos. Who doesn't love money and chocolate??

We use two rings with one judge so while one class is running the other is being built by our awesome course builders, and is ready to go as soon as the other class ends. So there is very little idle time.  A fast trial really makes the time fly, which keeps competitors from getting tired from too much waiting.


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