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An Analysis of Gamblers by Simon Harvey

Read about Simon's experiences in the Gamblers ring.

The Dog Agility Masters Team Gamblers,Performance Versatility Pairs, and Veterans All Around course can be viewed at:

I find both Snooker and Gamblers much more difficult than the other events, where you don't have to make so many choices.  I still find the number of possibilities a bit overwhelming.  And I'm not the type that just follows what everyone else does; I always have to do it my way.  Sometimes that pays off, sometimes it doesn't! 

In Gamblers most people either headed toward the chute and then the teeter, or they went the other direction through the tire and then up to the dogwalk.  Somehow I thought that the teeter and dogwalk ate up too much time (even though Lucky has a pretty fast dogwalk) and decided that it would be better to go for as many tunnels and jumps as we could.  So, I did jump, chute, then jump, into the tunnel, then out over three jumps and back in the tunnel.  That covered a LOT of ground, but I thought it would be good to keep Lucky moving as we gained points.  Then I told her "right" over a jump and we headed over to the other side to the A-frame.  I sent her over the A-frame and then gave her a "left" command into the tunnel. 

Here's where our problems started.  We just haven't done that maneuver enough.  She ran off the A-frame, turned a very wide left and missed the tunnel completely.  So there she was on the other side of the A-frame and she did what any self-respecting spaniel would do&she started to sniff the wood chips that were in a pile over there.  I was able to get her focus back pretty quickly and got her through the tunnel, but by then we'd lost our momentum.  The buzzer rang, I managed to get her to do one set of weaves, and then we waltzed off the course with a respectable, but not very impressive, 19 points.  Maybe I should have just watched what everyone else was doing, and do that.  One of these days, I'll figure Snooker and Gamblers out!


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