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Grand Prix - Performance Review by Height Class by Tania Chadwick

A review in running order. Find out exactly how everyone did!

By now you have seen the Grand Prix Finals course.  It had some challenges compared to the fast, open course of the Semifinals.  There were discriminations to work and proper angles to set.  It really made for an exciting final and yet another showcase for the amazing dogs and handlers that got to play.

The 12" Class

First was Sharon Freilich and her JRT, Whoopie.  They had a nice course with a 38.01.
Second was Nakiko Nango and her Mini Poodle, Ryoma from Japan.  They had so much speed and they were really screaming, but had a run by at #17 and earned 5 faults and finished with a 44.40.

Third was Deborah Hunt and her Papillon, Treat.  They had a super run and hauled around the course and had a great time of 35.93.

Fourth was Shelly Karber and her Papillon, Journey.  They ran a good course but some miscues throughout cost them time and they finished with a 37.12.

Fifth was Mike Murphy and his JRT, Bailey.  They started out great but Mike didn't get a strong enough call to the teeter after #7 and Bailey took the dogwalk for the elimination.

Sixth was Eric Martin and his PW Corgi, Zoe.  They just had a lovely run and came in at 36.22.

Seventh was Jeanne Nixon and her JRT, Brandy.  They had a good start but Jeanne lost her way from #5 to #6 but was able to get back on track.  Unfortunately, Brandy missed the weave entrance and then popped out of the poles and they finished with a 59.91.

Eighth was Jennifer Crank and her Sheltie, Splash.  They had a good performance and a solid run and finished with a 36.87.

Ninth was Janell Julyan and her PW Corgi, Eve.  They also started out well but suffered the off course at the dogwalk after the #7 jump.  Their time was 37.76 with an elimination.

Tenth was Wendy Pape and her Sheltie, Snap.  They were fast out of the gate and Snap had the #2 bar down and earned 5 faults.  It was a super run after that with an incredible time of 33.25.

Eleventh was Anne Platt and her Papillon, Charlie.  They had a solid fast run and made it look easy.  They finished with a 35.26.

Twelfth was Shelly Perman and her CW Corgi, Letti.  They were on their way with an awesome run, but had a run by at #12 and earned 5 faults, and finished with a 38.59

1. Anne Platt and Charlie 35.26
2. Deborah Hunt and Treat 35.93
3. Eric Martin and Zoe 36.22

The 16" Class
16" Review in running order:

First was Noriko Aso and her Sheltie, Remi.  They had a great round with a 34.43.

Second was Sharon Harris and her Sheltie, Zipper.  They were screaming around the entire course and looking to lay down a super run when Zipper ran by #18 and took the off course end for a heartbreaking elimination.

Third was Nancy Kleinhans and her Sheltie, Jimmy Dean.  They were solid through most of the course but Jimmy Dean wasn't totally sold on taking the #6 chute and ran by for a 5-fault penalty.  Then they had the #9 bar down for another 5-fault penalty, but finished with a 36.43.

Fourth was Susan Garrett and her Mixed Breed, DeCaff.  They had a speedy course going and took a slightly different approach coming up to the homestretch with Susan running along the backside of the dogwalk and pushing DeCaff to the tire versus calling to it.  They finished with a 32.86.

Fifth was Ayami Susuki and her Mini Poodle, Puma.  They had a really nice start to the course but Puma popped out of the weave poles and then went on to the dogwalk earning an elimination finishing with a 41.32.

Sixth was Karin Holik and her Sheltie, Sizzle.  They flew through the course looking to challenge the time set by Susan and DeCaff.  Unfortunately, they earned a teeter flyoff fault and finished with a 32.87.

Seventh was Jennifer Rohling and her Mixed Breed. Gator.  They started out well, but earned a missed contact 5 faults on the A-frame and then missed the weave entry for another 5 faults.  They finished with a 37.51.

Eighth was Michelle Beardsley and her Australian Shepherd, Willow.  They had a really great, smooth run and finished with a 33.90.

Ninth was Melissa Henning and her Sheltie, Jayci.  They were going for it and looking good, but had a run by at the #18 tire for 5 faults, finishing with a 36.89.

Tenth was Melanie Del Vellagio and her Sheltie, Dara.  A good start to the course but Melanie didn't get a strong call to the teeter and Dara took the off course dogwalk after #7 for an elimination.  They finished with a 36.78.

Eleventh was Jenni Rivett and her Mixed Breed, Bungee.  Another great fast team with an unfortunate run by at #13 on the way to weaves for an elimination.  They finished with a 34.52.

Twelfth was Joel Lavalley with his Sheltie, Marvel.  Joel soaked up the crowds' cheers and pushed for everything and finished with a 33.82.  A front cross between #17 and #18 seemed to cause a hesitation by Marvel on the way to the tunnel, but I don't know if this accounted for the full second difference in time between first place and second place.

Thirteenth was Amber Abbott and her Staffie, Pokey.  This team was anything but pokey, but they had the #2 bar down and 5 faults.  When Amber was really pushing for speed, Pokey missed the dogwalk contact for another 5 faults, they finished with a 45.51.

Fourteenth was Jennifer Rohling with her Mixed Breed, Elvis.  This team had a great run and tons of speed.  It was a real pity with the #2 bar down for 5 faults as their time was 32.75.

Fifteenth was Katherine Elliot and her JRT, Petey.  This was an incredible run and one that would've challenged the top time, but they had a heartbreaking run by at #19 and then a back jump for the elimination so close to the finish.

1.  Susan Garrett and DeCaff 32.86
2.  Joel Lavalley and Marvel 33.82
3.  Michelle Beardsley and Willow 33.90

The 22" Class

First was Lisa Dewey and her BC, Rush.  They had a really great smooth run with a great time of 31.21.

Second was Susan Garrett and her BC, Encore.  They had a nice start but Encore had trouble at the weaves, incurred three faults, and finished with a 42.24.

Third was Sandy Rogers and her BC, Brink.  They had an awesome run, but had the last bar down.  They finished with a 30.52.

Fourth was Laurie Baker and her BC, Perk.  What an incredible and smooth and finished with a 30.25.

Fifth was Terri Lee and her BC, Porsche.  Good, fast start, but took the dogwalk instead of the teeter after #7 for an elimination.  Finished with a 37.90

Sixth was Diana Wilkins and her BC, Kona.  They had a nice round but took the #2 bar down and finished with a 31.53.

Seventh was Kim Terrell and her BC, Summit. They put in a great run but a slight look back from Summit between #17 and #18 cost them a little time.  They finished with a 32.50.

Eighth was Donna Rohaus and her BC, Mick.  This team had a great run and good flow and finished with a 32.09.

Ninth was Mark Bowerman and his BC, Sybil.  They screamed around the course and put in a super time of 30.78.

Tenth was Jim Basic and his BC, Spy.  They had a very smooth run with speed and finished with a 31.34.

Eleventh was Daisy Peel and her BC, Fly.  They also had a good round and finished with a 31.69.

Twelfth was Crystal McClernen and her Cattle Dog, Maggie.  This team had a super start and was looking to upset the Border Collies.  After a super opening, they had a few miscues along the last stretch which cost them some time.  They finished with a 31.74.

Thirteenth was Lisa Flowers and her BC, Dilemma.  They also had a really nice run, but couldn't crack the low :30 time range.  They finished with a 31.59.

Fourteenth was Judy Reilly and her BC, Sony.  They had a few troubles with the #2 bar down, a fly off on the teeter, and a refusal, but still had a good run with a time of 33.32.

Fifteenth was Debbie Berkley and her BC, Ricki.  This team also suffered at the teeter/dogwalk discrimination and earned an elimination.

Sixteenth was Kate Moureaux and her BC, Quick.  They had an A-frame contact fault and an off course elimination at the teeter/dogwalk discrimination.

Seventeenth was Alicia Nicholas and her BC, Pickle.  They put in a super round, but a slight hesitation by Pickle at the chute cost them some time and they finished with a 31.03.

Eighteenth was Caitlin Asher and her BC, Gadget.  They were having an awesome run, but were faulted on the teeter and had the #17 bar down.  They finished with a 30.83.

Nineteenth was Ronda Carter and her BC, Blast.  They had an incredible run and although some in the stands thought the teeter performance was questionable, no hand went up and they finished with a 30.20.

Twentieth was Wade Robertson and his BC, Jenny.  They had some trouble with a missed A-frame contact and an off course at #18.

Twenty-first was Gerry Brown and his BC, Sterling.  They ran a really solid round, but a hesitation at #17 cost them some time.  They finished with a 31.43.

Twenty-second was Ali Roukas and her BC, Catcher.  They ran a good round, with great contacts, but miscues throughout the course cost them time and they finished with a 31.13.

1.  Ronda Carter and Blast 30.20
2.  Laurie Baker and Perk 30.25
3.  Mark Bowerman and Sybil 30.79 

The 26" Class

First was Marcus Topps and his BC, Juice.  After seeing the top times in 22", we all wondered what would Marcus have in store for us.  We weren't disappointed.  This run was absolutely incredible.  The lines were perfect and Marcus pushed and left it all on the field.  They finished with a 29.60.

Second was Robert Yi and his BC, Cap.  They had a solid run, but got called for a missed A-frame contact.  They finished with a 32.27.

Third was Ria Myoshi and her Labrador Retriever, Buddy.  They had some troubles with bars and a missed contact, but finished with a 40.97.

Fourth was Rosanne Demascio and her BC, Drifter.  They had a solid round and finished with a 31.55.

Fifth was Sonya Mass and her BC, Jaxon.  They had a great round with a very smooth course, but a wide turn at #19 cost them some time.  They finished with a 31.03.

Sixth was Lisa Bowers and her BC, Slick.  They started out really well but had a run by at #11 for 5 faults and finished with a 34.55.

Seventh was Stuart Mah and his BC, Qwik.  They had a really nice round going, but Qwik turned to the right and did a u-turn on the landing side of #19 which cost them a bit of time.  They finished with a 32.20.

Eighth was Susan Cochran and her BC, Aiko.  They were going for it and missed the A-frame contact and then had the off course after #7 to the dogwalk.

Ninth was Wendy Pape and her BC, Surf.  They too had the off course after #7 to the dogwalk.

Tenth was Katherine Stein and her BC, Brazen.  They put in a super run and finished with a 32.05.

Eleventh was Kris Seiter and her BC, Lochlan.  They got an A-frame fault and a slight miscue to the tire cost them some time.  They finished with a 36.74.

Twelfth was Theresa Rector and her Kelpie, Infinity.  They had a great run and were pushing for speed but missed the dogwalk contact and finished with a 31.94.

Thirteenth was David Skvorak and his BC, Dan.  They were pushing for speed from the get go, but Dan came off of the chute and earned 5 faults.  They finished with a 34.99.

Fourteenth was Sharon Gutierrez and her BC, Ziggy.  Their opening was really nice, but they had a miscue at #9 which cost them time and then a missed weave entry.  They finished with a 34.55.

Fifteenth was Jody Lolich and her BC, Gator.  They had a solid run and finished with a 32.79.

Sixteenth was Bridget McKnight and her BC, Kestrel.  They really had a good run but had a slight collision at #10 that cost them some time.  They finished with a 32.94.

Seventeenth was Rachel Sanders and her BC, Fable.  They had a really nice opening and they finished with a 31.75


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