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Veterans Grand Prix Finals Analysis by Tania Chadwick

A review by running order.

The veteran dogs and their handlers took to the field and showed that they still had the stuff that made them great.  Listed below is a review of each handler's run.

8" Review in running order:

First was Anne Platt and her PW Corgi, Acie.  These former Grand Prix finalists had a great solid run to start things off and finished with a 40.84.

Second was Deborah Auzenne and her Papillion, Junior.  They had faults on the A-frame and dogwalk but finished with a 53.35.

Third was Nancy Louise Jones and her Toy Fox Terrier, Tigger Too.  These 2001 Grand Prix Champions had a super run finishing with a 40.56.

Fourth was Tom Kula and his JRT, Chewbacca.  They took to the course and ran a solid round finishing with a 51.03.

8" Placements:
1. Nancy Louis Jones and Tigger Too 40.56
2. Anne Platt and Acie 40.84
3. Tom Kula and Chewbacca 51.03
12" Review in running order:

First was Lynn Harris and her JRT, Ace.  They had a nice run to start the 12" class and finished with a 56.47.

Second was Carolyn Hess and her Cocker Spaniel, Rocko.  They screamed around the course with a fast running dogwalk and had a time of 38.90.

Third was Leslie Vassall and her Mixed Breed, Olio.  A really nice run for this team and they finished with a 46.07.

Fourth was Kathy Leggett and her Sheltie, Heather.  Kathy, a Grand Prix Champion in 1997, ran a great round with Heather and finished with a 43.07.

1.  Carolyn Hess and Rocko 38.90
2.  Kathy Leggett and Heather 43.07
3.  Leslie Vassell and Olio 46.07
16" Review in running order:

First was Jill Card and her BC, Fey.  They tore around the course and had a good run with a fault at the weave poles, but finished with a 41.77.

Second was Jeremy Gerhard and his Aussie, Spyder.  They were solid throughout the course and finished with a 36.91.

Third was Jim Basic and his BC, Wicked.  Wicked was the 2000 Grand Prix Champion.  They put in a flawless run and finished with a 34.57.

Fourth was Elizabeth Evans and her Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Mosely.  A fun and fast run, they missed a weave pole that earned them an elimination.  They finished with a 38.05.

Fifth was Sarah Johnson and her BC, Cruiser. This team put in a solid round with smooth handling and finished with a 34.37.

Sixth was Nancy Gyes and her BC, Riot.  These former Grand Prix Champions in 1999 and 2001 had a great run.  They had a near miss at the teeter, but avoided a run by and hung on to finish with a 33.76.

1. Nancy Gyes and Riot 33.76
2. Sarah Johnson and Crusier 34.37
3. Jim Basic and Wicked 34.57
22" Review in running order:

First was Laura Elkins and her BC, Dakota.  They started off the class nicely with a great run, finishing with a 38.23.

Second was Candy Gaiser and her Lurcher, Pivot.  They had a fast round and put in a great time of 37.90.

Third was Chris Libs and her Belgian Shepherd, Sky.  They had a super round going but missed a weave pole and got a 5-fault penalty.  They finished with a 42.54.

Fourth was Mary Ann Wurst and her Aussie, Cooper.  This team had a super run and really moving.  They finished with a 37.13.

Fifth was Candy Gaiser and her Foxhound, Holly Wog.  At almost 14 years of age, Wog still showed she's a player and had a great run.  They finished with a 39.46.

Sixth was Debbie Spence and her BC, Tristen.  They had a nice start and were really cooking, but they had an unfortunate bar down at #13 and 5 faults.  They finished with a 35.09.

1.  Mary Ann Wurst and Cooper 37.19
2.  Candy Gaiser and Pivot 37.90
3.  Laura Elkins and Dakota 38.23


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