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Performance Program Expands with Relay Titles in 2007

In addition to adoption of Speed Jumping and Versatility Pairs tournaments for 2007, Performance Relay becomes a title qualification class as of January 1, 2007

Effective January 1, 2007, Performance Relay will be held as a title qualifying class.  This means that pairs relay titles will be offered at each level - Performance Relay I, Performance Relay II and Performance Relay III; however, performance relay qualifications will not be a requirement for earning the Performance Dog I (PDI), Performance Dog II (PDII) or Performance Dog III (PDIII) versatility titles until January 2008.

Even though performance versatility titles (i.e., PDI, PDII, PDIII) will not require a relay qualification until 2008, eligibility for entry and advancement in the performance relay classes may be determined based upon what versatility titles have been earned.  For example, a PDI title makes one eligible for the Performance Relay II class, even though a Performance Relay Level I qualification is not required for earning the PDI title.

Crossing over from Championship to Performance programs works similarly - for example, if a dog has been awarded the AAD title, it is eligible for the Performance Relay Level III class. Also as for other specific class titles, a class title in the Championship Program makes one eligible for the next higher level in the Performance Program. For example, a Starters Relay title in the Championship Program will make one eligible for entry to the Performance Relay II class. Of course the competitor may still opt to run in Performance Relay I class unless they have earned a qualifying score in Performance Relay II or have earned the Performance Relay I title. This is consistent with current practice for the other title classes (i.e., standard, jumpers, gamblers & snooker).

As in the Championship Program relay classes, remember that two partner dogs must be in the same level and in the same height division (i.e., mini-division, which is 8" and 12", and open division, which is 16" and 22").

Performance Relay qualifications earned in 2007 will count toward Lifetime Achievement Awards and any future titles for which the qualification may be a requirement.

Any questions related to the implementation of the Performance Relay should contact the USDAA office at


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