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The Southwest Regional is Bigger Than Ever

Will we see five rings in 2008? By Tania Chadwick

The Bay Team, celebrating its 15th anniversary, is hosting the Southwest Regional this weekend.  This four-ring event continues to grow every year, with 2007 being the biggest to date.  There are 530 dogs entered, run by 342 humans, totaling 4,646 runs for the three day weekend!

Judges for the event are Scott Chamberlain, Mark Wirant, Sandra Katzen, and Sharon Wirant.  A group rotation system will be in place for walkthroughs and running orders to avoid ring conflicts.  There are approximately 76 dogs in each of the four rotation groups.

There are 75 championship teams and 40 performance teams competing, with 19 all-starters dogs teams.  The Grand Prix will see 209 championship and 110 performance dogs.

The fun will start bright and early on Saturday morning, so stay tuned for results.  Subscribers can look forward to course reviews as well.

Tania Chadwick runs a Border Collie named Kidd and is the President of the Bay Team, one of the largest agility clubs in the country.

Thanks to Super Secretary, Karey Krauter, for the trial statistics.


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