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Formally Introducing the "Tournament Top Ten" Awards

You've seen the listings on the awards page, but perhaps don't fully understand them . . . How are they calculated and what do they stand for?

The Tournament Top Ten is more than just an IFCS team selection process - it has been redefined and will be a new annual award that reflects the degree of competitive success in championship tournament competition.

While the IFCS Ranking system last year utilized the Top Ten point system, it was restricted to the 2003 tournament season falling within the 2003 calendar year, and it carried with it overall point allocations in team, as well as special bonus point allocations for placements earned in higher level tournament competition.

The new Tournament Top Ten has a significantly new look and has been redefined based upon feedback received from the point system actually employed for selecting the 2004 IFCS World Team. It will be computed on a calendar year basis along with other Top Ten awards.

The Tournament Top Ten will be calculated on the basis of "Top Ten Points" earned in -

  • Grand Prix of Dog Agility - points will be allocated in each of the following Grand Prix events based upon the actual number of competitors in each height class of the round:
    • Local Qualifiers
    • First Round of Regional Championships
    • Second Round of Regional Championships
    • Semifinals of World Championships
    • Finals of World Championships
  • Dog Agility Steeplechase - points will be allocated in Round Two of each of the following Steeplechase events based upon the actual number of competitors in each height class in Round One:
    • Local Qualifiers
    • Championship Event,
  • Dog Agility Masters Team Competition - points will be allocated in each individual class of the tournament (i.e., standard, jumpers, gamblers & snooker) based upon the actual number of competitors in each height class in:
    • Local Qualifiers
    • Championship Event

    There will be no overall team points awarded.

    In addition to pinning the annual Tournament Top Ten award to the top ten ranked competitors in each height class, the Tournament Top Ten rankings will serve as the basis (in whole or in part) for selection of competitors for any international competition opportunities that may arise during the course of a year. The 2005 Tournament Top Ten awards will serve as the basis for selection of the World Team for the IFCS World Championships to be held in the Netherlands in May 2006 (still awaiting official confirmation of the location and exact dates). Also, USDAA has been invited to send a team to South Africa to an IFCS international competition in May 2005. Details are still unknown, but is believed to be a competition only at the 26" height level. We will announce more about this event as details become available.

    With the emphasis placed on tournament competition, it only seemed logical to recognize the accomplishments of competitors who work and achieve success throughout the year, even though they may fall just a little short in the final event. And as with other Top Ten Awards, we will maintain a tally of points for lifetime standings in tournament competition. 2004 is the first official year for the award (as it is also for the Performance Top Ten, so in 2005, the listings for prior year and lifetime standings will become populated with historical information.


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