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Performance National Standard Quarterfinals Course Analysis

Leona Hellesvig describes the course.

The Performance National Standard Quarterfinals course was designed by our guest judge Gert Siekmans from the Netherlands.  Gert tells me that his course is an example of what he tries to do in course design.  "It is fair, includes challenges, and opportunities to speed up.  This course provides a good line for the dog."

The opening loop to the left was easily handled by most handlers.  One challenge was to pull the dog into the weaves with a wrong course option directly ahead (jump #9/#12).  The majority of successful handlers dealt with this by performing a cross in front after jump #4. Some dogs incurred refusals at the weaves as the dog ran past the second pole.

One major challenge noted by judge Gert was the section from the see saw #8 through tunnel #11.  Many handlers earned an "E" because their dog's were pulled left as they tried to go around the wing of jump 9/12, and would enter the exit end of tunnel #11 instead of performing jump #10.

Most handlers crossed either between jump #9 and the A-frame or as the dog came down the A-frame.  This put them in a good position to wrap jump #14 to the right.  Handlers who didn't cross on either side of the A-frame generally wrapped the jump to the left side, providing a straighter approach to the collapsed tunnel.  More than one unfortunate handler whose dog ran wide sent their dog on a wrong course to the dogwalk from jump #14.

In order to avoid a wrong course from the collapsed tunnel to jump #17, many handlers used a quick cross in front.  With the cross in front, the turn back to jump #17 was easily accomplished.  The handlers who did not cross in front had difficulty in turning their dog to jump #17, or incurred a wrong course from the collapsed tunnel to #17.



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