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The New England Trailblazers break the 16-second mark on grass at the Cynosport Games. By Anne Douglas

Their first race on Saturday marked another first for the New England Trailblazers flyball team. They become the second team ever to break 16 seconds on a grass racing surface with a 15.99 this morning.

At last year's Cynosport Games, SpringLoaded, an elite flyball team from Michigan, won the World Championships, setting a new world record on grass of 15.526 seconds. In flyball, it's rare to break the 16-second mark even indoors on a matted surface. Because the the traction is different on grass, an outdoor surface tends to add a bit of time to the lightening fast relay race.

But the Trailblazers proved equal to the challenge today. "It felt awesome. We thought we could do it but we were surprised when it actually happened," says Scott Stein, a member of the Trailblazers. Stein runs the team's height dog, Pyro, a Border-Jack.  "We've run in the 15s before but we've never done it on grass. We're looking to do well here."

The competitive team's best-ever time is 15.45 and they've got their sights set running even faster than that. The NAFA world record time is 15.22.

"We run against the clock a lot. The fun part of it for us is being the best handlers we can be and getting the most out of our dogs," says Eileen Hoskin, who runs Border Collie Kaili for the Trailblazers.

The teams who place first, second, and third in their brackets today will go on to tomorrow's Finals. Running brackets tomorrow will be based on seed times from today's races, so a great time will put the Trailblazers into a good position going into Sunday.


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