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First Mexican National Grand Prix Regional

Results summary Mexico

Judge Tim Laubach presided over the field of competitors who had qualified in previous Grand Prix qualifying events held in Mexico since December of 2003. Fifteen dogs were entered in Round 1, and seven made it to Round 2.

In the 26" height class two dogs competed on the 162 yard course with an SCT of 46 seconds.
First Place: M. Velasco & RonCouper - 43.11 secs, 0 faults

In the 22" height class two dogs advanced from Round 1 to Round 2.
First Place: G. Islas & Sam - 42.36 secs, 0 faults

Advancing from Round 1 were two dogs in the 16" height class. The SCT for this 158 yard course was 50 seconds.
First Place: E. Alvarado & Kenya - 39.78 secs, 0 faults.

One 12" dog competed in Round 1 so with a clean run was automatically in Round 2. The SCT for this 157 yard course was 54 seconds.
First Place: O. Avila & Living Doll - 44.36 secs, 0 faults.

We congraulate the finalists and look forward to seeing them in Scottsdale in November.


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