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An Unexpected Finalist

What is the addage...never assume?  It happens in agility just like any where else in life. By Tania Chadwick

After having a great run in the Performance National Standard semifinals, Raymond went to check his score.  The scores were shuffled and reshuffled throughout the day as more scores were added.  As the day wore on, his name fell out of the placements and Raymond thought his chances of making the final were dashed.  However, it turned out that those dogs who were already in the final via a bye were being placed among the those who had run in the semifinal, making it appear that some had missed the cut. 

The day drew to a close and the Jang's left the site to have dinner so they could make it back in time to watch the finals.  Upon returning to the main ring to get settled in for the PNS finals, a friend told them that they had indeed made the cut (with a fourth place no less) and that they needed to walk the course.  Someone ran to get him a finals shirt and Raymond was able to walk the course twice before getting ready for the class to start.  As with any story with a happy ending, Raymond and Tater had a super run and placed fifth! 

Congratulations to Raymond and Tater!

Photo by Tania Chadwick

Tania Chadwick has been competing in USDAA for over 10 years.  She runs her ADCH LAA-Silver Border Collie, Kidd and is competing this week at the Cynosport Games.


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