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Reporting live!!!!!

8": 3 competitors 
   P08010 Lizzie Toy Fox Lisa Polazzi -

Eliminated on weaves, but other wise smooth

   P08002 Bailey Pembroke Welsh Corgi Eric Martin -

Refusal on weaves, smooth run otherwise 51.13

   P08014 Gunner Papillon Judy May -

 Moderate speed but another smooth run, refusal on the tire 57.66


1 Bailey 5 faults 51.13

2 Gunner 10 faults 57.66

Honorable Mention, Lizzie

12": 3 competitors

  P12033 Frisco Jack Russell Terrier Sherry Kluever -

Frisco is moving fast but wrong end of elimination

   P12038 Major Beagle Lisa Jones -

Smooth, medium speed, clean  42.47

   P12017 Rocko Cocker Spaniel Carolyn Hess -

 Smooth, clean, and fast 36.70


1 Rocko

2 Major

Honorable Mention Frisco

16": 3 competitors
  P16087 Ella Border Collie France Beauregard-Hynes -

Eliminated because of wrong course

   P16013 Smokey Australian Shepherd Teresa Rodney -

Refusal in weaves, missed down contact on A-frame, fast and happy 41.36

   P16048 Lucy Border Collie Diane Allen -

Nice and smooth 36.30


1 Lucy

2 Smokey 10

Honorable Mention Ella

22": 3 competitors
  P22080 Zeke All-American Linda Tunick -

missed down contact of dogwalk, jumps big.  Handler fell and Zeke stopped to makes sure she was OK!  Wrong course, eliminated

   P22064 Maverick Australian Shepherd Tracy Lovelis -

Consistent, nice speed, great run! Bar down at #17. 43.88

   P22025 Houston Border Collie Kathy Wells -

Missed up contact on the dogwalk but otherwise NICE! 38.51


1 Houston 5

2 Maverick 5

Honorable Mention Zeke


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