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Fans of disc dog had plenty to choose from at this year's World Cynosport Game. By Anne Douglas

If you love disc dog, this year's Cynosport games was the place to be. There were two events - the Ashley Whippet Invitational (AWI) and the Flying Disc Dog Open (FDDO) - holding their championships there with multiple classes to choose from. Points from both championships were combined to award one Cynosport Games World Champion.

On the AWI side, there were two classes: the Toss & Fetch and the Freestyle event, which was a routine to music. FDDO offers a variety of classes including: Freestyle, Obstacle Course (in which handlers have to throw the disc through hoops and into various designated spaces), Speed Disc (in which they have one minute to make three pre-determined throws), Distance Pyramid (which tests both distance and accuracy), as well as Match Play (a sort of team version of Obstacle Course).

Last year's Cynosport World Disc Championship team was Andrew Yori and Wallace the American Pit Bull Terrier. Andrew rescued Wallace when he was scheduled to be put down. "I took him in and I didn't even know about disc dog at the time. We tried it out and he was a natural. Two years later he became a World Champion," said Yori.

There were competitors from around the world vying for this year's title. Before the Games began, Yori said the Games were going to be tough to win: "The Japanese are great competitors and the teams from Germany are amazing. As well, all the top teams from the US are here. It's a toss up who's going to come home with it," says Yori.

Because of the stiff competition, Yori and Wallace had to be on top of their game. "I try to walk through it mentally," said Yori. "As long as I have my routine down Wallace takes care of his end."

Unfortunately, it wasn't Yori's turn to win this year.  In the end, this year's champion was Darron Barrus and his Border Collie "The Moo."

Yori and Wallace came in second. Third place went to Matt Diano and Maggie.

Anne Douglas is the editor of DogSport magazine ( She can be reached at


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