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Moved to tears by musical freestyle

Musical freestyle celebrates dog-handler bond that overcomes hardship.  By Anne Douglas

I never thought a musical freestyle routine would make me cry. But on Saturday, as I watched Jenny Proffer and Quest dance at the Cynosport Games, I was moved to tears.

Proffer and her Border Collie came from Ramona, California, where her barn was burnt down in the fires and her house was badly damaged by smoke. Proffer is also battling bone cancer. But her passion for musical freestyle is so strong that she was willing to fight through hardship to come and share that passion with other dog lovers.

She and her animals were forced to leave their home for six days while the wildfires burned. Thankfully, nobody was hurt. Even still, Quest has had to live out of the car for much of the last two weeks.

But today, Proffer and Quest proved they are overcomers and that their bond sustains them through difficulty.

They performed two dances while I was there. The first, to the tune of The Supremes' "My Guy,"  involved lots of perfect sidepassing, left circles and spins. Quest never took his eyes off his dance partner. The second dance was the one that had the crowd fumbling for tissues. It was choreographed to "You Light Up My Life"  and told the story of human loneliness relieved by the presence of a dog.

Anne Douglas is the editor of DogSport magazine ( and can be reached at


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