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Competitors ask about how and where qualifying scores and titles appear on the USDAA Web site. By USDAA Staff.

Question: Why can't I see my dog's titles once the results for the show where they were earned have been entered?

Answer: The processing of titles is separate from results entry.  Results may be viewed by a subscriber the day following input  it's automatic.  When viewing "Competitive Results Detail", classes may be sorted alphabetically by clicking on the class heading.  By doing so, it allows one to quickly count up each Q for that class, see the judge under which each qualifying score was earned, and review who the relay partners were.

Subscribers also have the ability to check the dates through which results have been entered and for which titles have been processed.  If the Q is on the dog's record but the title doesn't appear, go to the "Title Earned" page and check the date at the top of the page, which states the date through which titles have been calculated.  This date also appears on the "Breed & Title Statistics" page.

Titles are not shown on a dog's record until they are batch processed weekly, but there is a four week lag on average following the date results are actually input.  This lag is necessary to allow sufficient time following the input date to permit reporting of errors, if any, so that corrections may be made before titles are run.

Results must also be processed chronologically, so if a specific show is held up in the cycle for some reason, there could be further delays.

Believe it or not, a typical weekend can produce well over 400 titles!  Once they are printed, they are manually stuffed into envelopes, taking care that all of each handler's titles are put in one envelope if possible.  Printed address labels are affixed and envelopes batched for First Class postal delivery.

Question: One of my qualifying scores is missing. I can see the Qs for the first day of the event but not the one I earned on the second day.

Answer: In most cases, this is because not all days of the event have been input.  Day 1 of a show may be input on a Tuesday, but the second day's results might be input on Wednesday. We do take care to get all results on a day of an event input the same day, so that no partial days can be seen. Results are not seen real-time; we upload to the Web in the wee hours of each morning and refresh all data.


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