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2004 Grand Prix of Dog Agility® World Champions

Wrapping up a full weekend, the Grand Prix World Championships finds four new Champions.

Fewer than five seconds separated this year's champions in the Grand Prix of Dog Agility World Championships, with Kimberly Sisak and her papillon Phoebe winning the 12" class, running the 169 yard course in 35.36 seconds. In the 16" class, Joanne Lutterman of Houston took the gold medal finishing in 32.71 seconds with her Shetland Sheepdog Tory. She had previously captured the silver medal in Steeplechase on Saturday night.

In the 22" and 26" divisions, the 175 yard course saw a large number of dogs take faults at the mid-course turn across hurdle #4 as their dogs seemed fixated on the tunnel lying beyond, or on this same hurdle later in the course as they sought to turn 180 degree back to the tunnel after completing the a-frame. Nonetheless, the top finishers all finished without fault.

Dana Shafer and her Border Collie Sinjin advanced to the finals from the quarterfinals, taking the gold medal with a finish on the 175 yard course in 30.13 seconds. Susan Cochrane and her Border Collie Aiko, a regional champion, took the gold medal in the 26" division with a score of 30.72 seconds.

Judge for the event was Paul Stolzenburg of New Hampshire.

The final round was preceded by the Veterans Grand Prix to honour past Grand Prix semifinalists and finalists. Lois Mark and Cricket won the 8" class in 53.41 seconds, Bill Pinder and Ruby won the 12" class in 46.13 seconds, Sarah Johnson and Cruiser won the 16" class in 34.25 seconds, and Debbie Spence and Tristan won the 22" class.

Judge for the class was Francisco Alegre of Spain.

Results for all dogs running in the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals can be found in the database. Veterans Finals results only are available.

All class course diagrams will be posted to the Subscriber Services area by November 22.


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