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2004 Dog Agility Masters® Team Championships

Full results of the final round presented in PDF format.

Sunday's events focused on the final rounds of the team and grand prix championships, with the team championships featuring the top 36 three-dog teams coming in the the final round. Judge for the three-dog relay was Frank Holik.

The course presented some tightness that proved to be the most challenging three-dog relay course in recent championships, making for an exciting finish to the five class tournament.

The championship was captured by Spy's Wicked on the Trigger, comprised of Jim Basic, Nancy Gyes and Ann Croft, all of California, with their dogs Spy (22"), Wicked (22") and Trigger (26").

Close behind in second place was Born to Run, a team comprised of Kimberly Chase with Wryly (22"), Nadine Schramm with Didi (22"), and Pamela Reid with Eejit (16"). In third place was Fired Up, with Terry Smorch, Jen Pinder, and Susan Garrett, with Remy (22"), Dealer (22"), and Decaff (16").

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