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Meet USDAA IFCS WAC Team Member Rachel Sanders

Rachel and Fable are part of the maxi dog team. By Brenna Fender

Rachel and her dog family.  Photo courtesy of Rachel Sanders.

Over the years, Rachel has been involved in a variety of dog training activities including competitive obedience, general pet training, hearing dog training, and agility. She is now a full-time agility instructor.

While instructing, Rachel and her seven-year-old Border Collie, Fable, have racked up many agility accomplishments. But Fable isn't the only dog in Rachel's house to be successful.  Since 1999, every year Rachel and one of her dogs have been at least finalists in a class at the USDAA Nationals.  More than once, Rachel walked off with the first place trophy.  She's earned ADCH titles with four dogs and also the USDAA Gold Lifetime Achievement award with Whist and the USDAA Bronze Lifetime Achivement award Trump.

BF: What are you doing now to get ready for the big event?

RS: Working on strengthening gamblers skills in addition to normal training and exercise.

BF: Which of your strengths do you think will come in handy in IFCS competition and why?

RS: At age seven Fable is a seasoned dog and together we have become a consistent team. I enjoy the pressure of big competitions and this helps my focus - Fable is always the same. She loves to work whether she is at home training or at a competition.

BF: Tell us something about you that we don't know.

RS: I was born in New Zealand, moved to England when I was seven, and moved to the USA in 1989. I competed in competitive obedience in England and didn't start agility until after I moved to the USA.

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