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Five Ways to Get Fit While Also Exercising Your Dog

Work-out ideas for your pet and for you!  Compiled by Brenna Fender

1.  "I hike with the dogs several times a week. I do sprints up and down the open field behind the agility equipment with them, and I rollerblade with my Jack Russell 'Terrorist' around my neighborhood.  Rollerblading with her is excellent exercise for us both!" --Emily Snider, who has lost 31 pounds in five months

2. "Personally I have been power walking with my dog." --Judy Reilly, "mom" to Tia, ADCH Brodie, ADCH Sony, Lotus, and Rivet

3.  "For more fresh air and exercise, we've begun training field retrieving. It requires me to be physically active, and gives my dog conditioning work outside of agility." --Valerie Evans, who has lost 35 pounds in six months

4.  "I sometimes take hiking poles with me so my upper body gets a workout as well as my legs." --Kathy Smith, describing how she makes long hikes with her dogs extra healthy for her

5.  "I trained my BC to pull in a regular sled dog harness.  In the summer we hike a lot with him pulling me around.  In the winter we skijor as long as there is enough snow.  Both get me in much better shape, and take the edge off his energy. My husband also uses the BC to pull him when he is jogging.  It has cut four minutes off his 5k times." --Kathy Topham

Do you have a tip to share about how to get fit while exercising your dog?  Email it to me at and I may include it in a future article!


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