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Eight new finalists named to Grand Prix and Performance National Standard.

Columbia Agility Team hosted the 3rd of seven regional championships being held in the US.  Of the 134 and 66 dogs entered in Grand Prix and National Standard, respectively, Pat Corl sent 73 and 35 qualifiers to Round 2 for Mark Wirant to judge.   Of the 134 dogs entered in Steeplechase, 58 dogs made it through his challenges to advance to Round 2 and Pat Corl.

Finalists in Grand Prix include A. Platt with Charley in 12" (4 semifinalists), A. Deacon with Luka in 16" (4 semifinalists), S. Peardot-Goudy with Wally in 22" (12 semifinalists) and J. Aitken with Brody in 26" (10 semifinalists).

Performance National Standard finalists named are J. Massey with Lucy in 8" (1 semifinalist), G. McMonagle with Bucky in 12" (4 semifinalists), R. Rogers with Joplin in 16" (6 semfinalists) and S. Rogers with Ty in 22" (4 semifinalists).

Of the 58 dogs competing in Round 2 of Steeplechase, 8 dogs in the 26" height earned byes, 9 in the 22" height, 3 in the 16" height and 2 in the 12" height for a total of 22 dogs eligible for entry into the semifinal round at Scottsdale.

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