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October 2016

10/21/16 President's Message
October's President's Message from USDAA President Ken Tatsch.
10/20/16 The October OVERview is here!
This month's October OVERview is now online.
10/19/16 A Profile of Kristen Wheeler and Ash
Our next profile of a shelter dog competing in USDAA agility is of Ash and his owner, Kristen Wheeler.
10/18/16 Identifying Sports Dog Prospects in Rescues and Shelters, Part 3: Behavior
The third part of our reprinted series on finding dog sport prospects from shelters and rescues.
10/17/16 Meet Cynosport Judge Anton Kuprin
Cynosport is coming up! Let's meet our judges. First up is Anton Kuprin.
10/14/16 Identifying Sports Dog Prospects in Rescues and Shelters, Part 2: Body
The second part of our reprinted series on finding dog sport prospects from shelters and rescues.
10/13/16 Competitor Profile - Diane Allen and Teasal
Our first rescue dog profile for the month - Diane Allen and her dog Teasal!
10/12/16 Environmental and Medical Causes for Pet Obesity
Reviewing some of the major reasons for pet obesity on National Pet Obesity Awareness Day.
10/11/16 Lily & Jo: The Road to Agility Dog Champion
The story of Jo Unbehaun and her Westie, Lily.
10/10/16 New Members of the 2017 IFCS World Team
Results for the IFCS Team Selection event this past weekend.
10/07/16 Resources for Disaster Planning for Pets
A collection of some helpful internet resources on disaster planning for pets.
10/06/16 How Dogs Perceive Their World Through Smell
A new book by researcher Dr. Alexandra Horowitz looks at a dog's sense of smell.
10/05/16 Dogs Improving Welfare for Other Animals
Dogs are wonderful companions for humans and other household pets - but zoo animals too?
10/04/16 Identifying Sport Dog Candidates in Shelters and Rescues, Part 1: Understanding the Market
During October's Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, we'll be promoting using rescue and shelter dogs in dog sports.
10/03/16 What Motivates Dog Owners to Walk Their Dogs?
Why do some owners walk their dogs, and others do not?

September 2016

09/30/16 The Facts About Rabies
What do you know about rabies?
09/29/16 Reminder: Judges Continuing Education Clinic in Scottsdale
Judges Continuing Education Clinic to be held in Scottsdale, AZ on November 8, 2016.
09/29/16 Important Information for Cynopsort RV Lottery Participants
If you participated in the lottery for a RV spot at Cynosport, please read!
09/28/16 Tips for Properly Changing Your Dog's Food
If you're thinking of changing your dog's food, here's some steps to follow.
09/27/16 A Recap of the Mexico USDAA Regional  September 16  18, 2016
A recap of the Mexico USDAA Regional by Judge Frank Holik.
09/26/16 Children, Dogs and Asthma
Contact with dogs at an early age may decrease a child's chance to get asthma.
09/23/16 Results from the Mexican Regional
Results from the Mexican Regional held on August 27-28, 2016.
09/22/16 More Things to Expect at Cynosport this Year
If you're coming to Cynosport this , here's some more helpful information to get yourself prepared!
09/21/16 Health & Wellness Wednesday - Polydipsia and Polyuria
If your dog is drinking and/or urinating more, they may be suffering from polydipsia or polyuria.
09/20/16 Things to Expect at Cynosport
Coming to Cynosport this year? Here's some helpful information to get yourself prepared!
09/19/16 National Deaf Dog Awareness Week
September 18-24 is National Deaf Dog Awareness Week.
09/19/16 Reminder: Judges Continuing Education Clinic
Judges Continuing Education Clinic to be held in Scottsdale, AZ on November 8, 2016.
09/16/16 President's Message
September's President's Message from USDAA President Ken Tatsch.
09/15/16 The September OVERview is here!
This month's September OVERview is now online.
09/14/16 Health & Wellness Wednesday - Back to School Dangers for Dogs
The ASPCA cautions parents with dogs to make sure their dog isn't affected by lunchboxes and school supplies.
09/14/16 2017 IFCS World Team Reminder
Intent to Compete forms due, Sept. 15th.
09/13/16 Training Tuesday - The Science Behind Food Motivation in Labs
A new genetic research study finds a biological reason for Retriever's food motivation.
09/12/16 In Memory of Luka, One of USDAA's Greatest Champions
A memorial for Luka by Ashley Deacon.
09/09/16 Jump Height Transitions Effective December 28
Jump height transition rules clarified.
09/09/16 Memorializing a Pet
Some thoughts on how we can mark the passing of a beloved dog.
09/08/16 Training for the Long Jump
Pati Mah explores training for the long jump obstacle.
09/07/16 Western Regional Results
Results from the Western Regional in Prunedale, CA.
09/06/16 Western Regional Course Maps
Course Maps for the Western Regional held in Prunedale, CA on Labor Day weekend.
09/01/16 Pain Awareness Month
September is Pet Pain Awareness Month.

August 2016

08/31/16 Health & Wellness Wednesday - Know the Signs of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction
Canine Cognitive Dysfunction affects senior dogs and early detection can increase the effectiveness of treatment.
08/30/16 Does Your Dog Want Treats...or Praise?
A study using fMRI found that dogs preferred praise from their owner over treats.
08/29/16 Collapsible Tunnel Removed from Obstacle List
Increase in entanglements necessitates removal of collapsible tunnel from list of approved obstacles.
08/29/16 Judge's Continuing Education Clinic
Details on Judge's CE clinic at Cynosport this year.
08/26/16 The Scenting Abilities of Search-and-Rescue Dogs
Neuroscientists are researching how dogs can use their olfactory abilities to navigate terrain and find missing persons.
08/25/16 2017 Southwestern Regional Dates and Location
Mark your calendars!
08/25/16 Training Your Dog in the City
Taking your dog on a training outing downtown can be a great way to work around distractions.
08/24/16 Genetics Study Provides Information on Canine Hereditary Disorders
A study published recently looks at the risk of genetic diseases in dogs across a large spectrum of breeds.
08/23/16 Moving Towards Mastery: Move Obstacles to Challenge Your Handling
Steve Schwarz from AgilityNerd discusses using small spaces to improve your training.
08/22/16 Keeping Dogs Safe in the Home
Some tips on keeping dogs, and other pets, safe in your home.
08/19/16 Central Regional Course Maps
Course maps for the Central Regional held in Kansas on August 12-14, 2016.
08/18/16 Central Regional Results
Results from the Central Regional, August 12-14, 2016.
08/17/16 Tentative Schedule for Cynosport
Specific times will be provided in final confirmations after entries have closed.
08/17/16 August 2016 USDAA President's Message
The August 2016 President's Message from USDAA's Ken Tatsch.
08/16/16 Western Canadian Regional Results
The Western Canadian Regional was held in Murray Creek Ranch, Langley, British Columbia on August 12 - 14.
08/15/16 The August OVERview is here!
This month's August OVERview is now online.
08/12/16 Competitor Profile - Steffi Diem and Inara
A profile of Title Mania Competitor Steffi Diem and her dog Inara.
08/11/16 Problem Solving Weaves - Part Two of Two
Trainer Lynne Stephens continues her discussion of challenges when teaching the weave obstacle.
08/10/16 New Free Health Information Service from the AVMA
The AVMA has announced a new online service to increase education for pet owners and veterinarians.
08/09/16 2017 South Central Regional Dates and Locations
Mark your calendars!

08/09/16 Problem Solving Weaves - Part One of Two
In part one of this two-part article, trainer Lynne Stephens looks at the challenges of learning the weaves obstacle.
08/08/16 International Assistance Dog Week
August 7 to 13 is the week to celebrate the importance of assistance dogs in our lives!
08/05/16 Competitor Profile:  Lisa Anne Zilney and Tennessen
A profile of Title Mania competitor Lisa Zilney and her dog Tennessen.
08/04/16 Teaching the See-Saw with the TipAssist - Getting the Great See-Saw Performance You've Always Wanted!
Trainer Lynn Stephens details how to teach a better See-Saw performance with the TipAssist.
08/03/16 What is Reverse Sneezing?
Reverse sneezing is a common sight with many dogs that owners often mistake for a serious condition.
08/02/16 Course Analysis by Judge Juanita Diaz
An analysis of two courses by USDAA judge Juanita Diaz - Masters Challenge Jumpers and Biathlon.
08/02/16 2017 Wild West Regional Dates and Location
Mark your calendars to attend!
08/01/16 Dogs and Cars - Why Do They Love Them?
We explore why some dogs seem to love car rides as much as they do!

July 2016

07/29/16 Competitor Spotlight - Tina and Darryl Power
A profile of Title Mania competitors Tina and Darryl Power and their three dogs, Loudon, Joliet and Rock.
07/28/16 USDAA's Miscellaneous Classes for Training in the Ring
Coach Rachel Sanders discusses the benefits of the new rule amendment to allow the scheduling of training Miscellaneous Classes during regular competition events.
07/27/16 The Dangers of Water Intoxication and Implementing Water Safety Measures
For Health & Wellness Wednesday, we focus on the dangers of water intoxication which can happen more often in the summer months due to everyone swimming to beat the heat!
07/26/16 The Most Famous Agility Course on the Planet
A course analysis by Judge Anton Kudrin of a much discussed biathlon course from the 2015 IFCS World Agility Championships.
07/25/16 A Class of Gold
The story of a training class and their Regional experience.


December 2015

12/24/15 Happy Holidays from the USDAA
The USDAA wishes everyone a happy holiday!

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