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July 2016

07/27/16 The Dangers of Water Intoxication and Implementing Water Safety Measures
For Health & Wellness Wednesday, we focus on the dangers of water intoxication which can happen more often in the summer months due to everyone swimming to beat the heat!
07/26/16 The Most Famous Agility Course on the Planet
A course analysis by Judge Anton Kudrin of a much discussed biathlon course from the 2015 IFCS World Agility Championships.
07/25/16 A Class of Gold
The story of a training class and their Regional experience.
07/22/16 President's Message - July 2016
USDAA President Ken Tatsch's July 2016 message.
07/21/16 The July OVERview is here!
This month's July OVERview is now online.
07/20/16 Hypothyroidism in Dogs
Learn how to recognize the signs of thyroid disease in dogs.
07/19/16 New Research on Inhibitory Control in Dogs
A new study looks at a dog's ability to solve problems based on how well the dog can inhibit his or her own behavior.
07/19/16 A Fond Farewell to Rickie Roo
Our condolences to Deborah Davidson Harpur on the sudden passing of her beloved Rickie Roo this past weekend.
07/18/16 Congratulations to our new USDAA Judges!
We're proud to share a list of our new USDAA judges.
07/18/16 2017 Cynosport World Games Dates and Location
Dates and locations for the 2017 Cynosport World Games and Regional Championships.
07/15/16 Pet Fire Safety Tips
Keep your home and your pets safe from fires with these tips!
07/14/16 New England Regional Results
Results for the New England Regional, July 8-10, 2016 in North Kingston, RI.
07/14/16 Let's Communicate!
On Training Thursday, Lynne Stephens looks at communicating more effectively with our dogs.
07/13/16 Enhancing Your Dog's Diet for Better Health
Zuke's veterinarian provides advice on food you can add to your dog's diet to improve their health.
07/12/16 All About Heterochromia
Today is "National Different Colored Eyes Day," which is medically known as heterochromia.
07/11/16 New England Regional Course Maps
Course maps for the New England Regional on July 8-10, 2016.
07/08/16 Competitor Spotlight - Alice Reinkemeyer
A profile of Alice Reinkemeyer and her dog Tess.
07/07/16 Dealing with Dog Fights
If a dog fight were to occur, would you know what to do to keep yourself and the dogs safe?
07/06/16 New Hypertension Disease Concerns for Dogs
A study by Michigan State University has found evidence of a rare hypertension disorder in humans in dogs as well.
07/05/16 Training Games for Impulse Control
Training games are a fun way of teaching dogs specific skills and behaviors that can enhance their performance.
07/01/16 July 4th Holiday Tips
In order to have a safe holiday for you and your pets, here are some tips!
07/01/16 Holiday Office Hours
The USDAA office hours for the July 4th holidays.

June 2016

06/30/16 President's Message - June 2016
USDAA President Ken Tatsch's June 2016 message.
06/29/16 The June OVERview is here!
This month's June OVERview is now online.
06/28/16 Preparing Your Dog for the 4th of July
Is your dog fearful of loud noises and fireworks? 
06/27/16 Canadian Regional Results
The Eastern Canadian Regional took place this past weekend in Barrie, Ontario.
06/23/16 Training Thursday - Take Your Dog To Work Day
Friday is National Take Your Dog to Work Day - Are you planning to take your dog to work?
06/22/16 TitleMania - Versatility Results
Results for Versatility from TitleMania.
06/22/16 First Members of 2017 IFCS Team USA
Members were determined based on their performance at Title Mania last week in Geneva, Ohio.
06/21/16 TitleMania - Masters Challenge Results
Results for Masters Challenge from TitleMania.
06/21/16 TitleMania - Jumpers Results
Results for Jumpers from TitleMania.
06/21/16 TitleMania - Standard Agility Results
Results for Standard Agility from TitleMania.
06/21/16 TitleMania Course Maps - Jumpers and Standard
TitleMania course maps for Jumpers and Standard.
06/20/16 TitleMania Course Maps - Snooker and Gamblers
TitleMania course maps for Snooker and Gamblers.
06/20/16 TitleMania - Snooker Results
Results for Snooker from TitleMania.
06/20/16 TitleMania - Gamblers Results
Results for Gamblers from TitleMania.
06/17/16 Unlikely Breed Earning USDAA Titles
Zonda is the first Dogo Argentino to earn a USDAA title!
06/16/16 What Do Titles Mean to Us?
TitleMania starts today! What does a title mean to you?
06/15/16 TitleMania Judge Profile: Kama Rueschenberg
Learn more about one of our excellent judges and course creators for TitleMania, Kama Rueschenberg!
06/15/16 Upcoming A-frame Rules Amendment
USDAA approves new A-frame performance specifications, to take effect July 1, 2016
06/14/16 TitleMania - Fulfilling the Olympic Ideal
Learn what it means to have a USDAA event be part of Olympic Day.
06/13/16 TitleMania Judge Profile: Dave Visniski
A profile of TitleMania judge Dave Visniski.
06/10/16 TitleMania Judge Profile: Meredith Keraga
A profile of Meredith Keraga, an upcoming TitleMania Judge.
06/09/16 Live to Run Again - Tips for Staying Safe on the Road
With the summer season, lots of competitors will be on the road traveling to regionals and to TitleMania. It's important to practice safe driving! Jamie McKay discusses the Live to Run Again program (and will bringing her library to the NE regional!)

06/08/16 Jack West and Annie - A Lifetime Agility Partnership
Jack West and his dog Annie have been involved in agility since 2003!
06/07/16 Southeast Regional Results
Results from the Southeast Regional on June 2-5 in Perry, GA. 
06/06/16 Course Maps for Southeast Regional
The Southeast Regional took place on June 2-5 in Perry, GA.
06/03/16 TitleMania Judge Profile: Rafael Quinones
Let's meet our TitleMania judges! Today's profile is Rafael Quinones.
06/01/16 North Central Regional Results
The results from the North Central Regional on May 28-30, 2016 in Canton, MI.
06/01/16 Pacific Northwest Regional Results
The results for the Pacific Northwest Regional held on May 26-29, 2016.

May 2016

05/31/16 Pacific Northwest Regional Course Maps
The course maps from the Pacific Northwest Regional, May 26-29, at Argus Ranch, WA.
05/31/16 North Central Regional Course Maps
The course maps for the North Central Regional on May 28-30 in Canton, MI.
05/27/16 President's Message
This month's message from USDAA President Ken Tatsch.
05/26/16 The May OVERview is here!
This month's May OVERview is now online.
05/25/16 Characteristics of Typical Dog-Human Play
We look at a recent research project which studied play between dogs and humans to look for patterns in how we interact with dogs.
05/23/16 This Year's Team USA Experience at the World Agility Championships
A recap of the events at last month's World Agility Championships with insight from Team USA members.
05/20/16 A Celebration of Peak's Throw The Switch, "Juice"
"Juice" was an IFCS World Champion dog - Some thoughts celebrating her life and accomplishments from her handler, Marcus Topps, and other fellow competitors.
05/19/16 What Would You Do in the Case of a Dog Bite at a Trial?
Experiencing a dog bite at an agility trial can lead to a variety of consequences - what would you do?
05/17/16 Rocky Mountain Regional Results
Results from this past weekend's Rocky Mountain Regional event in Lakewood, CO.
05/16/16 Rocky Mountain Regional Course Maps
Course maps from the May 13-15th Rocky Mountain Regional in Lakewood, Colorado.
05/13/16 IFCS Officially Announces 2017 Championships
IFCS announces dates and location for its 2017 world agility championships
05/13/16 Steeplechase - What's the rush?
Want to learn more about Steeplechase? Stephanie Morgan gives us the lowdown on this fun event.
05/12/16 Natural Disaster Preparedness
Tips on packing a disaster preparedness kit for our pets.
05/10/16 2016 IFCS WAC Biathlon Jumping Analysis
IFCS USA Team Member Shane Miller analyzes a course from this years World Agility Championships.
05/09/16 Pet Cancer Awareness
May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month - Know the signs for early detection.
05/06/16 Reminder: Title Mania Closing Date
Remember to get your Title Mania entries in ASAP!
05/05/16 Top 10 Reasons to be part of Title Mania
Closing date is May 9th - Don't delay!
05/04/16 Getting Revved for Title Mania
Be sure you understand the basics of Title Mania®.
05/03/16 Southwest Regional Results
Results from this past weekend's Southwest Regional in Moorpark, CA.
05/02/16 Southwest Regional Course Maps
The course maps for this past weekend's Southwest Regional in Moorpark, CA.

February 2016

02/02/16 Using Food in Dog Training - Bribery Vs. Reward
For today's installment of Training Tuesdays, Shannon Viljasoo of McCann's Dogs, discusses the difference in training between bribing dogs with food and rewarding them for a job well done.


December 2015

12/24/15 Happy Holidays from the USDAA
The USDAA wishes everyone a happy holiday!

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